Today, quartz watches and mechanical watches, despite the development of technology, including smartphones, are still extremely popular. A variety of watch models means that everyone can find the perfect product for themselves. Despite this, it is still difficult to choose the best option - to do that you need to dig a little more into the world of watches.

1. Quartz vs automatic watches - which are better?
2. Why do you need a watch?

Quartz watch or automatic watch - what is better? Let's try to find out.

Quartz vs automatic watches - which are better?
It is impossible to say unequivocally which quartz and automatic watches are better. It's best to first identify exactly what features differentiate the two types.

Quartz movement watches are devices invented as early as 1927. Their operation is based on battery power. Quartz watches allow the use of quartz movements, which are created by energizing it with electricity. The vibrations of the quartz crystal make the watch mechanism work.

A mechanical watch is a device that works in a slightly different way from quartz watches. It does not require a battery for its operation. It is powered by watch movements that happen, for example, when the watch is worn by the owner. This is because, when worn, the movements cause the rotor to rotate and wind the spring, which then causes the gears to move and, as a result, the automatic watch works. Automatic movement is also known as self-expanding movement.
So what is better? Automatic movements are watches that always work as long as they are worn. Moreover, they have a unique design and have a long history behind them. Quartz movements, on the other hand, have a lower price and high accuracy. Quartz watch movement also requires little maintenance.

Why do you need a watch?
Whether you're a fan of automatic quartz watches or automatic mechanisms, owning a watch is a big deal. Despite the significant development of smartphones and technology, watches are still considered an elegant and stylish accessory. Mechanical and quartz movements can indicate a high social standard and allow people to express their own views. Various designs, such as rainbow watches, for example, give you the opportunity to express yourself and perfectly complement your outfit. Available in many watches outlet stores, you can find products at a great price and choose from a variety of options. Having a watch is functional, modern and elegant, so it is worth equipping yourself with this unusual and timeless accessory.