Being a dog owner is a wonderful experience, but let's face it, your pup can act like a weirdo from time to time. Knowing what normal dog behaviour is compared to not normal behaviour is helpful to know. 

We break down 5 weird things your dog may do that have you scratching your head and wondering if your pup is normal.

Let's explore those behaviours and put your mind at rest that your dog is actually quite normal, despite their quirky behaviour. 

5 weird things dogs do

The dog humps away at another dog at the park

Having a dog that humps other dogs at the park can be embarrassing and frustrating. However, humping is completely normal behaviour for dogs and can have various meanings. 

It can become a problem if it is excessive. If you find this is the case for your dog, it would be best to consult with a dog trainer specializing in dogs with obsessive or anxious behaviour. 

A few reasons your dog is humping other dogs at the dog park could be:

· Sexual reasons. If your dog is intact, it might be in heat. Female dogs will also hump other dogs. 
· Being playful. Some dogs play by humping each other. As long as neither dog gets upset, it is a normal interaction. 
· They're excited. Some dogs bark, jump and even hump when they get excited. If this is something that bothers you reaching out to a trainer to help redirect your dog is a good idea. 
· An underlying medical issue. If your dog is humping excessively, it might be due to a medical reason. Rather than going straight to a trainer to correct the behaviour, talking to your veterinarian first to rule out medical problems is best. 

After pooping, they kick up the grass

This behaviour is instinctual for dogs. Wild dogs like wolves and coyotes kick up grass or scratch the ground after pooping or peeing to claim the spot as their territory. Domestic dogs still have the instinct to kick up grass and leave their scent behind, but it's less of an aggressive message and more of letting other dogs know they live in the area. 

The dog constantly licks his paws

Dogs lick their paws as part of their grooming process. It is entirely normal to come home from a walk or a run in the park, and your dog lick their paws. 

If you notice your pooch excessively licking its paws, it could indicate something else is going on. 

Some other reasons your dog might be excessively licking their paws are:

· Injury. Your dog may have a sore paw, a thorn stuck in its paw, or even a wound they are trying to heal. If you notice your dog is really focusing on one paw, take some time to examine that paw to see if you can find an injury. You may be able to treat the injury at home like clipping off a broken nail or removing a stone, but if it is more serious, a trip to the vet is necessary. 
· Food allergies. Why do dogs lick their paws? You may notice your dog is licking their paws excessively if there is no visible injury. It may be an allergy, irritation, or pain. Taking your dog to the vet. 
· Parasite. Fleas can cause your dog's paws to be very itchy and lead to excessive licking. 

Dog whirling in a circle with tail in his mouth

It is so common to see a dog chasing its tail. Sometimes when this happens, they are just excited or having fun, but it can also be obsessive or anxious behaviour. 

If you notice your dog is chasing their tail excessively, not just when they are playing or excited, it is time to call the vet to find the underlying cause of the behaviour. 

A couple of reasons dogs chase their tails are:

· Out of boredom. If your dog is not receiving enough exercise physically and mentally, they may resort to chasing their tail to entertain themselves. 
· Underlying medical condition. Tail chasing can signal a medical issue and booking an appointment with your veterinarian to find the cause of your dogs tail chasing is a good idea. 
· It's fun. Having a tail to chase around is downright fun and a great way for a dog to discover its body, especially when they are puppies. 

He twitches while sleeping

If you have noticed your dog twitching while they sleep or even letting out a little bark or yelp with those twitches, rest assured, it is completely normal. Much like yourself, your dog dreams, and sometimes the physical body reacts to what is happening in the dream. 

Much like people, it is not advisable to wake a dog while in this dream state. If you do feel the need to wake up your dog from a bad dream, gently call their name until they wake up. Petting or giving a little nudge may startle your dog and cause a reaction from them as they wake up, like biting you or injuring themselves in the process. 

Some people worry that their dogs are having seizures when they are twitching in their sleep. It is not typical for dogs to have seizures while they sleep, but somethings to watch for if you are concerned are:

· Drooling
· Stiffened body
· Eyes wide open but no reaction from your dog
· Laborious breathing
· Vomiting
· Loss of control over bodily functions
· No response when you call their name


There you have it, 5 weird behaviours your dog might do. If you feel that your dog is showing obsessive or anxious behaviour, it is always ideal to contact your veterinarian to rule out medical issues, but overall, dogs are loving furballs full of quirks.