Most people associate the word "psychic" with a medium or maybe a fortuneteller at a carnival. Science, for the most part, dismisses psychic abilities because they are as hard to validate as they are difficult to explain.

The truth is everyone has some psychic abilities. It is something that is a part of all humans from birth. For instance, have you ever headed down a street and an inner voice told you not to go that way? Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone that later proved true? What about the time you were thinking of someone and they suddenly called you? Or if a dream come true? All of that is related to psychic abilities.

History of Psychic Perceptions
There is a long and sordid history around psychic abilities and that plays a part in how we view them today. Back in ancient times, those with such abilities were revered as they appeared to have direct communication with the gods. Greeks went to the oracles of Delphi. Egyptian leaders summoned seers regarding wars and famines. Shamans were a high society in the Native American culture.

China has many ways to use psychic abilities such as palmistry and face reading. Views toward psychic gifts took a downward turn as Christianity spread because the Bible specifically said not to go to mediums or others who commune with spirits. The assumption was psychics were in alliance with the devil. American colonists encouraged and even forced Native Americans and others prone to the practice to seek institutionalized faith.

Some like Nostradamus managed to continue with the practice and gained acclaim beyond the church.

The 19th century brought a renewed sense of seeking the mysterious and spiritualism became a pastime for many people. Psychics went public offering demonstrations and private readings. While today's psychics are open about their practice, many remain skeptical or even antagonistic toward the practice. That could be a reason why many aren't seeking to enhance their psychic abilities.

How to Enhance Natural Abilities
As it was stated, everyone has natural psychic abilities. Abilities are more pronounced in children because they are open. As we grow we start using the left side of our brain for logic rather than the right side where these abilities originate, so our psychic abilities seem to disappear. 

The good news is psychic abilities don't disappear. They just are latent and can be reactivated. Psychic abilities are similar to other physical senses like sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Psychic abilities are often connected to the other senses. There are seven types of psychic abilities. There are seven different types of psychic abilities:

Clairvoyance - clear seeing
Clairsentience - clear feeling
Clairaudience - clear hearing
Claircognizance - clear knowing
Clairscent - clear smelling
Clairgustance - clear tasting
Clairtangency - clear touching

A person can have one or more of these different types of abilities. Tapping into them doesn't need to be that difficult. There are several things you can do to improve them.

1. Meditate.
Meditation has several benefits. It calms all your senses and relieves stress. Doing it regularly can improve your connection to energy and heighten your clair-senses.

2. Journaling. 
Writing down thoughts and feelings helps you release your emotional energy, so it has benefits in improving your emotional and immediate health. It also creates a way for you to become more inward thinking and connecting with your deepest thoughts and feelings. That helps to improve your psychic abilities.

3. Spend time in nature.
Walking through a garden or in the woods naturally raises your vibration and helps you connect with your inward abilities. A quiet walk exercises your natural senses like hearing and sight, which also leads to enhancing psychic abilities.

4. Use crystals.
Many believe crystals can help flow energy in specific directions. Some crystals like a clear, violent, indigo or light-colored stone, are considered high-vibration crystals and can be used effectively by holding them in your left hand during mediation. Others that are orange, red, black or dark-colored crystals, are considered grounding crystals and work well by holding them in your right hand during meditation.

5. Use guided meditations. 
There are many music or video apps that help people learn to meditate.

6. Breathe.
Breathing meditations are a great tool to use because it helps to center us and go deeper into our body to draw out energy.

7. Listen to Hemi-Sync and binaural meditations
These are tones and sounds that serve to stimulate certain areas of the brain that lead to enhanced abilities. There are lots of these types of items on the market, but you will need earphones to get the most out of it.

8. Ask for divine help.
The spiritual world is a dangerous place and that is especially true for those new to it. Psychic experts advise to always ask for divine protection before proceeding.

Once you understand more about the spiritual world and your psychic abilities, you will no longer fear them or think they are unusual. Psychic abilities are part of daily life and will prove to be useful to yourself and others.