Custom paint by number kits are quite popular among people nowadays. Before you spend any money to purchase a kit, it is worth taking a look at their history. Continue to read and we will share some useful facts about the history of paint by numbers.

When did paint by numbers come to the world? 

According to historical sources, it has been identified that custom paint by number came into play during the 1940s and 1950s. In fact, it was considered as a prominent form of art during the 1950s. In other words, paint by numbers got the same level of attention as sculptures and oil paintings. People even took classes to learn more about paint by numbers. On the other hand, it was quite popular among hobbyists out there. They used paint by numbers method in order to copy popular and great artwork of others. For example, the paint by numbers method was used to make exact copies of classical paintings from artists such as Renoir and Picasso.

Popularity of paint by numbers in the past 

Some people were fully employed in jobs where they created canvas paintings with paint by number method. This was quite an interesting way on how they could make a living. The best thing about this method of art was that it was quite easy for most people to become artists.  

It is even possible to find individuals who honed the skills that they had with paint by numbers, and then transformed themselves to become successful and well-established artists. In other words, paint by numbers provided much-needed assistance for them to get a kick-start. 

Why was paint by numbers so popular back in the day? 

Paint by numbers provided an excellent opportunity for the people to use their free time and do crafts. It was a perfect method available for them to pass time. On the other hand, it provided a great opportunity for anyone to work as skilled artists and come up with great work. They had the opportunity to customize the original picture and come up with a new version on their own as well.

Get your paint by numbers custom kit 

Now you have a solid understanding about custom paint by numbers. While keeping that in mind, you can go ahead and purchase your own personalized paint by number kit. Things have changed along with time, and the paint by number kits that you can find out there in today’s world are quite different from what were available in the past.

Now you have the freedom to upload a photo of your own and then get that printed on a canvas with numbers. Then you will be getting the paint brushes and paint along with instructions on a kit. You just need to use the paint and brushes to paint on the canvas accordingly, and you will end up with creating a perfect piece of art. If you want to try this, we strongly encourage you to get hold of your paint by numbers kit. You will surely fall in love with the results.