Pens collecting is a good hobby because this way buyers have the possibility to explore the history of crafting, different types of engraving, various brand names, etc. Authentic and exclusive collections are very valuable, and they are appreciated by true fans of this hobby. 

It’s difficult to devalue such unique pieces because expensive pens are crafted to serve for long periods. In addition to this, such writing tools tend to have unique design features, durable filling instruments, special style characteristics, and so on. In fact, stylographs from many pen collections might date back to the previous century but remain usable today.

Consider that pen collecting is a fine investment? You’re right! Then, you need to explore more about this hobby. The first thing to figure out is that the most valuable collections include fountain pens. Explore some interesting ones below.

Interesting pen collections

Ancora1919 displays two unique pen collections you might buy to use later or to present to somebody as a gift. Interested in tools with plain elegant design and covered with dark black hues? Consider investing money in the Money Never Sleeps collection. This is a set of 7 tools with engraving related to different currencies. The fans of blockchain technology will appreciate the possibility to write with a unique pen with Ethereum or Bitcoin elegant engraving elements. Big5 Collection is also a nice choice to consider for those who prefer more colourful writing instruments. Their designs are boosted with cool engravings of big animals - Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, and Buffalo.

Want to enhance the diversity of the pen collections that are already at your disposal? A nice chance to do this is to explore Anniversary Pens. This list includes stylographs with different colourful designs and shape styles. If you are going to use them practically, you can find the tool that will suit specifically your hand - the selection can satisfy all aesthetical tastes and writing styles. Interested in ancient art? Learn more about the Cappella Sistina fountain pen! Prefer plain designs without extraordinary graphic features? Choose the First Man in Space Red tool!

Where to buy pen collections?
Ancora is the best online store to buy pen collections crafted in accordance with the traditions and modern quality requirements. The shop’s assortment includes exclusive Italian writing instruments that you won’t find anywhere on the Internet.

The set of authentic Italian stylographs isn’t the only offer of the Ancora1919 Internet shop. It displays golden and platinum nibs variations, an extensive selection of inks to fill your fountain pens, and leaser cases to store them. Ancora1919 is a unique brand, whose approach is focused on providing luxury exclusive services and products.

If you’re a new buyer of this store, you can claim a discount and buy an authentic luxury collection cheaper than anywhere else! Explore the possibility by visiting the website.