Starting a flower shop doesn't need a vast space; you only need a tiny room where all the types of flowers you sell will fit. Owners usually purchase this separate agreement at wholesale prices and resell them to clients for a profit. Florists typically provide clients with various types of flowers that are ideal for any particular occasion. Not only do florists issue you your favorite flowers, but they also help you arrange them well to make them look organized. When starting your flower shop, you should also think about flower delivery. You could make your shop a massive deal by delivering flowers to various customers in and out of the country. 

The things to consider when starting up your flower shop are;

1. Have the right skills a florist needs

As a florist, you need to have an eye for detail and come up with flair. You also need to be great with your hands and physically fit. You also need to have good interpersonal skills since you will be dealing with customers 24/7. When you have wedding orders, you need to be emotionally ready to tackle the stress of the preparations.

2. Learn the trade of a florist

To learn more about being a florist, you could go to school and learn about it, or you could learn from another florist. You could go to a community college to be taught more about how to become a florist, but there is no requirement for college credit so that you can work with a known florist. To gain more skills, you could work with a florist as you attend college; through this, you will learn more skills. If the florist you want to work for doesn't have any job offers or internships, you could decide to help with the cleaning around the shop, and you will learn a lot through this. 

3. Set aside a budget 

Make sure you make investments in your business, even if they are little. You could take up your savings and use them to start your flower shop, and once the money comes back, you will be able to save once again. Come up with a line item in your budget known as a side hustle. This will make sure you are on your toes and you will be able to purchase everything you need in due time before you start getting clients. 

4. Look into the benefits and disadvantages of starting up a flower shop 

As a florist, you need to know that you will have to open up your shop as early as 4.30a.m and close it late at night, and your shop will be open six days a week. You will also have to plan for days like valentines' day because they are busy. Likewise, you should be ready for the low seasons. 


When you want to start up your florist shop, make sure you look into the tips above so that they can help you out with your journey. When you do this, you can become a huge name in society even if you started small.