New York is a city that not only has a huge population but also attracts huge numbers of visitors from around the world. It goes without saying that the hospitality industry in the city plays a huge part in the success of the economy, and there are many people who have forged careers within the New York City hospitality industry. This includes working at the huge variety of restaurants that can be found in this unique and exciting destination.

If you want to get into a career in the New York restaurant industry, you will certainly not be short of choice in terms of places to work and career options to consider. Naturally, you need to ensure you are good with people and that you are able to work in a high-pressure environment for this type of career. Having the right experience and skills can help, as can using resume examples to create a solid and impressive resume. In this article, we will look at some of the top restaurant jobs that you can consider in NYC.

Some of the Options to Think About
There are various options that you can consider if you want to work in the restaurant and hospitality industry in New York City. Some of the ones to consider are:

If you have the right training and skills, you can join the restaurant industry as a chef. You can use your expertise and creativity to rustle up amazing dishes for foodies to enjoy, and you could even build a name for yourself in the industry as many famous chefs already have. There are many different types of chef positions depending on your training and area of expertise such as executive chef, pastry chef, and a sous chef, to name but a few.

Restaurant Manager
If your strongest skills lie in management, you could choose a career as a restaurant manager. This is a job that does come with a lot of pressure, and you must be good at managing people and dealing with customers. However, you can look forward to excellent rewards including a great income, a respected position, and the chance to help boost the success of the restaurant with your strong management skills and leadership.

Another option you can consider if you want a career in the restaurant industry is a host or hostess. When you work the front of house at a restaurant, you will meet a diverse array of people from around the world, as people from across the globe visit the restaurants of New York City. You can look forward to job satisfaction and the chance to make the experiences of guests even better with your customer service skills.

Waiting Staff
If you want to get into the restaurant industry and work your way up, you can go in at a junior level such as waiting staff. This is a great way to learn the ropes and get used to the restaurant environment and the pressures that it can come with.
These are some of the many opportunities that you can consider.