Retirement can be the best time of your life if you do things right. Or, it can be boring and unfulfilling if you don’t. One way to make sure that you get the most out of your senior years is to stay as active as possible. There are a lot of ways to be active which can be suited to your interests and even level of mobility. In other words, there is an activity out there for every senior no matter what you like to do and what your physical abilities are. 

The key is to find the right activity so it’s something that you will enjoy and want to continue doing. One of the worst things for an elderly person to do is to remain at home and sedentary all day. Not only does exercise keep us healthy physically, but being out and with other people will help fight loneliness at the same time. In this article, we will go over several great activities, especially for seniors. 

1 - Nature walks

Going for a walk is one of the best activities for seniors. It is a mostly low-impact exercise that helps keep the heart healthy since there isn’t too much exertion, but just enough to be a good cardio exercise. When you combine a walk with being in nature then the benefits become even greater. You will be stimulated by the scenery and feel a boost in your mental health as a result. The fresh air is also fantastic for getting the lungs healthy. 

Because you are out where it’s green, quiet, and calm, your blood pressure also goes down. Even if you only do it once a week, it has profound benefits. The key is to do so safely, however, and make sure that you’re wearing one of your preferred medical alert systems. This is because if you fall or have a stroke while out then you would be vulnerable without a way to send an alert to the emergency services. 

Stick to established trails and make sure that you tell somebody where you are going and when you will be back. It’s even better to have a walking buddy for the company in case of an emergency. 

2 - Start a vegetable garden

Gardening is one of the best activities that anybody can do but seniors, in particular, can get a lot of benefits from doing it. It is a very low-impact activity that doesn’t cause any strain. Unless you are lifting anything very heavy which can easily be avoided. 

The act of gardening gets you out in the fresh air and also gives you an immense sense of satisfaction when you see the hard work transform into vegetables that you can now eat. It is a great way to save money, too, since the cost of fresh produce is rising all the time. 

When you eat vegetables fresh out of the garden you're also giving your immune system and overall health a boost since they are at their nutritional peak. It’s a perfect cycle since you are burning calories by weeding and moving around in the garden. Then you are adding the building blocks for healthy muscles with the fruit of your labor. 

3 - Golf

Golf is a sport that brings you outside into the wide-open green spaces that mimic nature in the best way. It’s quiet on the fairways and you are having fun while walking around. 

It can be a very low-impact sport as long as your swing is done with proper form. Then the rest of the game is simply walking to your ball. You are social as they put you with others to form a group of four so you even have the chance to make new friends if you go on your own. 

It’s also competitive, so if you have those competitive juices that need to flow then you get some extra excitement when you are out there hitting the ball around. 

4 - Learn a musical instrument

Those with mobility issues can still take part in activities that don’t involve physically moving around. Learning new skills is a great way to keep the mind sharp and fend off dementia. This means that learning to play an instrument is an ideal activity when you are retired or not physically able to do much. 

It isn’t easy to learn an instrument, but with time and patience, it's a new skill that you’ll be able to master.