Let’s say there is an attractive looking woman you are interested in and you wonder if she likes you back. Then, she starts flirting with you and you wonder if you might be picking up the wrong signals. You wonder if she really is flirting or if you are misconstruing her motives. Maybe you are just reading into her actions what you really want them to be. 

Jokes Don’t Mean Flirting

Just because a woman jokes with you, that doesn't mean she's flirting with you, and it may not even mean she likes you. Some women just like to tell jokes to whoever will laugh at them. If you do laugh at her jokes, that could get her to like you more, but it doesn't guarantee a romantic or even physical attraction. There's a misconception that a lot of guys have that if a woman is joking with them, she's trying to flirt, and that's not always the case. Look for other cues that a woman likes you besides just the jokes.

Smiling Might Be a Sign of Attraction

When a woman flashes her smile at you, you may think she's into you. She might just be friendly, but a smile can definitely indicate warm feelings. That's especially true if she continues smiling, especially when you've engaged in conversation. Usually, if a woman is not interested in you, she'll stop smiling as the conversation continues to go on. Smiling could just mean that she thinks of you as a friend, but it could also mean more than that.

A Touch Means Something

When a woman touches someone, that's usually a sign of affection. Of course, there are other rules for touching, and some touches are angry, whereas others are frustrated or even fearful. But if a young woman touches a มุขจีบหนุ่ม and appears to be friendly, that's almost definitely a sign of affection.

Keep in mind that a friendly touch does not necessarily indicate flirting or romantic affection. It could just indicate familial affection, meaning that she's treating you like a family member, such as a sibling or cousin. It could also mean that she thinks of you as a close friend. Usually, women only touch men who they feel comfortable with.

However, touching can indicate romantic affection and physical attraction. A woman could use touching as a way to flirt, and the warmth of contact can stimulate hormones and feelings of attraction. Consider that a touch may mean more than friendship, and look for other cues to help you determine if it is. Remember that some women are simply very affectionate and will use touch to show warm feelings even to people they don't think of romantically.

A really good indication that a touch may mean more than friendship is that it is a lingering touch and accompanied by eye contact. With this combination of physical connections, you're likely experiencing flirting from the woman.

When receiving flirting from someone, it's important that you indicate interest and reciprocate before her interest is diverted and starts to wane.

Coy Can Only Last So Long

A lot of people play coy and shy for a long time, using subtle language rather than saying what they really mean. This can help during the early stages to deal with some of the awkwardness, but to break the ice and really get your feelings and interests out there, you need to be straightforward at some point. Don't wait too long to move beyond the coy stage, or feelings may dissipate and attraction may falter.

Subtlety has its time and place, but there is a time to move beyond that. Flirting helps to initiate the beginning stages of attraction and relationships, but to cement the relationship, you'll have to be more obvious with your feelings and intentions.

If it's apparent that she likes you and she's flirting with you, you can take it to the next level and flirt more strongly. If she's not reciprocating your feelings, however, you may have misread the situation and she might not have been flirting with you in the first place. At that point, it's probably best to backpedal, apologize for misconstruing her actions, and try your flirting elsewhere.