University life can be hectic, especially if you don’t have the right accommodation. But finding the perfect place to call home while you’re at uni shouldn’t be hard work – there are plenty of options out there! From a cozy private room to an affordable flatshare, we've got the three best student accommodations Birmingham right here, so you can get started with your search right away.

1) Living outside the city center
Student Accommodation Coventry is usually expensive, and staying outside of a central location could save you a lot of money. If it’s your first time living away from home, you might find that being close to public transport links and city amenities is important to you. 

You may also like to live with other students or friends—if so, look for places close to universities or colleges. You could also rent out a room in an already-occupied house—this can be a good option if you don't have much experience with managing your bills. Make sure your contract allows subletting!

2) University halls of residence
Many universities provide university accommodation for their students. Halls of residence offer a great student experience, as you'll be surrounded by like-minded people and will often be able to make friends who will stay with you throughout your degree. 

The only downside is that they can be pricey and might not include bills, so it's important to read all of your contract documents carefully before signing anything. Another important thing to remember is that some university halls are only available to a specific number of students, so if you're interested in attending one of these schools it's a good idea to apply early.

3) Luxury student apartments
Luxury student apartments offer residents a high level of privacy and comfort, often including private bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as access to common rooms. Luxury apartments are often found in luxurious buildings with gym facilities and communal lounges. 

Common amenities may include a laundry room, concierge service, or even a business center. If you’re searching for luxury apartments close to campus, check out your local accommodation options. The staff at these properties can give you more information about what services are available to students living on-site.

No one wants to shell out a ton of cash for student accommodation, but it's also important to make sure you live somewhere that has good security, high-speed internet, and a gym. 

When looking for student accommodation Birmingham, there are three factors you want to look out for: security, location, and internet. Since student accommodation varies widely, you'll want to look into all three areas with your potential roommate(s) before agreeing on a place together. 

Location is key since most universities have dedicated sports facilities that students can use during their course time. For example, if you need access to weights or cardio equipment or even just sports courts while studying, then check whether your proposed area has these facilities nearby.