We are living in a world where new technologies dominate over physical means. Although people can write on laptops, smartphones, and computers, personalized luxury pens are still popular. People buy them to use for signing important documents. They are often bought to be later added to one’s unique collections.

Luxury pens are the most worthy specimens. But how and where to buy them? If you want to start collecting luxury writing instruments, here is a guide.

How to choose a luxury pen?
Here are a few aspects to take into consideration when picking up a true luxury pen.

Aspect #1. Consider the type of item. Foremost, you should make a decision on the type of pan you are going to use. The three basic types are fountain, ballpoints, and rollerballs pens. They are all different in terms of construction. Fountain items have the reputation of being luxurious models. They have metal nibs that might be made of silver, cold, or other solid metal. They are filled with inks, which are stored in cartridges or special converters.

Aspect #2. Costs. Luxury pens are costly, although it is possible to find brands with low entry-level, selling luxury pens at acceptable prices in the range between $100 and $150. The average pricing for the quality pieces vary between $500 and $2,000. Some limited specimens, crafted from rare materials, might cost a fortune.

Aspect #3. Materials. One more aspect to take into account is the material, with which the body of the model is produced. It might be a true indicator of the status. The most common materials for such instruments are ebonite hard rubber or precious metals such as silver. Ebonite hard rubber is supposed to be the most durable stuff from which these writing materials are manufactured. Such examples can remain in perfect condition for many years. Pay attention to finishing and trimming materials as well. The most popular means for finishing luxury pens is  Urushi lacquer. This is a luxury standard, especially, for Japanese brands.

Aspect #4. Special & Limited Edition. Despite many pens corresponding to the above-mentioned aspects, some experienced won’t consider them luxury if they are sold as standard items. The true indicator of luxury for a model is selling it as a special or limited edition. Items that are produced as special orders for specific clients are also considered luxurious.

Aspect #5. Writing quality. Some manufacturers pay a lot of attention to producing luxurious pen bodies but, unfortunately, neglect nibs, which determine the quality of writing. Luxury models should come through the nib tuning process.

Where to buy luxury pens?
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