Dating is meant to be a fun activity in which you get out there, meet new people, make connections, and hopefully find a match. And while everyone understands the concept, it doesn’t always go smoothly. Having a “bad” date is the thing nightmares are made of, but a bad date doesn’t always mean it’s not a match. 

What happens when you’re on a date with someone shy who is having a hard time opening up, but they seem like a great person? Here are six topics you can rely on to discuss if you find yourself in a situation where your date is shy.

Ask What Their Favorite Movie Is
Everyone has a favorite movie and most people feel pretty passionate about the movie that is their top choice. This can be a fabulous question to ask as it's something they will feel knowledgeable about and excited to discuss, and it puts the spotlight on them in a non-scary way.

Online Gaming Can Be a Fun Topic to Chat About
Considering the vast majority of people have smartphones nowadays, pretty much everyone has access to online gaming of some sort or another. This makes for a fun and casual conversation to have – there are no potential minefields to walk into when talking about gaming. 

It’s also an opportunity for you to chime in sharing your favorite games so the conversation is two-sided and has a natural flow. Perhaps you’re on a quest to find the best online casinos for real money or maybe you stick to the trending app-based games. You may even discover a new game to check out thanks to your date’s recommendations.

What Is Their Favorite Style of Music?
Then there is music, something that invokes feelings in every person. People gravitate towards a certain style or sound, they likely have a favorite artist or band, and they may even wish to share some of their favorite tunes with you. 

Discuss the Setting for the Date
Your environment can also act as a conversation cue. Wherever your date is taking place can spark questions. If it’s a restaurant, ask if your date has been there before and what they would suggest to eat/drink. If it’s an activity-based date, ask if they have any tips for the activity you are engaging in. 

Does Your Date Have Any Pets?
Pets are something that people love talking about and showing off pictures. Who doesn't have a great story about their dog or cat that they love telling? It’s also the kind of topic that tends to put the speaker and listener at ease because it is so light-hearted and sweet.

Where Have They Traveled?
Who doesn’t love to hear stories about vacations especially if they are destinations you’ve never been to and know nothing about? Once the two of you start chatting about vacations, you may find you’ve been to some of the same places, which means you’ve got something in common and likely share travel personalities. 

Plenty of Great Topics
As you can see from this list, there are plenty of great topics to lean on while on a date with a shy guy. These will help to put each of you at ease.