Buying any clothing online can often feel like a hit or miss affair, and underwear can be particularly challenging. Here are a few quick things you can look out for when you buy underwear online.

The Fabric
The most important thing you should look for is the fabric type of the underwear. Predominantly, this will either be cotton or a cotton blend, or a microfibre or synthetic fabric, all of which have both advantages and disadvantages. 

Cotton is the most breathable and comfortable to most people. Pure cotton underwear has no stretch, however, so you might want to consider a blend with some synthetic fibre for stretch. It doesn’t have the longest lifespan of available fabrics though and tends to stretch and become misshapen quicker than other options. It’s also not very good at wicking because it’s very absorbent, so should be avoided for activities where you’ll be sweating a lot, like the gym.

Synthetic fibre underwear is a popular choice because they feel very soft and smooth to the touch and thanks to their stretchy nature can be form fitting too, like Heist womens knickers, which take advantage of this stretch in clever ways. They are also wicking, and thus deal with sweat well.

The Trim
Different people like different trim styles. Some like the simplicity of the trim being the same as the material used for the underwear, while others might prefer a lace or piping trim. This is something you’ll really have to discover through trial and error to find which is the most comfortable for you. If you traditionally struggle with this irritation on the trim, look for underwear that might state in the online listing that it has a brushed trim or coated trim, both of which will minimise irritation.

The seams and the stitching make a difference here too, and often only the images included with an online listing will reveal how good the stitching is. Check to ensure it’s not so tightly stitched that the fabric is puckering and look for any raw edges on the stitching that might fray over time.

Size and Fit
The size and fit are probably one of the more challenging things to get right when you’re buying underwear online, because not all sizes are created equal. It might just come down to ordering, fitting, and returning until you find the right fit for you. Size guides and fit guides can help a lot, so look for listings that include the body type that the underwear is designed for.

Washing Instructions
Something often overlooked is the washing instructions of underwear. You should be aware if you’re buying something that is delicate and requires hand washing or gentle washes instead of a pair that can just be washed in with the normal washing. Be sure to check the washing instructions so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

With these few quick tips, online underwear buying can become your go-to method for buying and replacing your underwear. If nothing else, you get to try them on in the comfort of your own home!