In 2022, small businesses are easy to get into. The pandemic made it easy for everyone to begin working from home, which inspired many people to take a leap of faith and start the small business of their dreams. In an ideal world, with enough work, everyone would be able to grow their business big enough to take over the world. Unfortunately, in this world, not every industry is conducive to success. 

However, don't despair! The maxim that bigger is better is not always true, and there are some realms in which it pays to be smaller in size. Here are some of the major industries in which keeping your business small is actually a major benefit!

1. Vintage Fashion 

One of the most popular industries where small businesses thrive is that of vintage fashion. Here is one area where it definitely pays to keep your business small. This is true, first and foremost, in terms of space: the smaller you can keep your shop, the better. 

Consider the fact that the more clothes you pack into one place, the more people will feel as though they're wading through a regular old thrift shop. The key to a successful vintage shop is to stay small and sparse to encourage your customer to feel as though what they are getting is desirable, unique, and rare. You might even pair down the kit of your store to just one small business Lenovo laptop to foster that feeling of exclusivity.

2. Craft Coffee and Beer

Two industries that have exploded in the past decade and which thrive on the sparkle of smallness are craft coffeeshops and beer breweries. These small beer spots even have a special name to denote their size: microbrewery! Like vintage fashion, these are two industries where smaller spaces are better. Rather than cultivating the feeling of exclusivity, the vibe you're looking to create is cozy.

Both coffee and beer drinkers are seeking a convivial space in which to enjoy a good, carefully crafted beverage with other like-minded individuals. If you're a small business owner, this is a pretty easy set of requirements to fill! All you'll need is the coffee (or beer) making equipment, a small space of your own, and a collection of pleasantly mismatched tables and chairs to sit at, and you're all set!

3. Outdoor Adventuring

Far from the cozy inside spaces of vintage shops and microbreweries, there's a much more expansive type of business that benefits from being small: outdoor adventuring! Taking small groups of people out on guided hikes of beautiful spots is a great small business idea. When it comes to outdoor exploration, smaller groups are better by far. It's better for the environment, causes fewer issues with different ability levels, and offers more opportunity to run into beautiful and fascinating wildlife! 

This lends itself to a business that only ever takes in a few clients at a time. Why not become their leader as the owner of your own small hiking business?