If you want to enjoy a cocktail without alcohol, you don’t need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on expensive mixers and fancy ingredients. Instead, you can easily make delicious drinks using only basic ingredients.

Some ingredients like citrus juice, bitters, sugar, and garnishes are readily available. For instance, you can find bitters available at All The Bitter. Importantly, just because the cocktail is nonalcoholic doesn’t mean it must be plain. There are plenty of delicious recipes you can try out. 

So, if you are having trouble finding the perfect cocktail at your favorite restaurant or bar, here’s a simple guide to creating the best nonalcoholic cocktails whenever you want.

1. Use non alcoholic bitters

Bitters are combinations of multiple tinctures blended using different ratios. Different flavored bitters allow you to have a wide range of cocktail flavors. They improve your drink’s flavor as salt does to food. Since they bring their distinct flavors, they accentuate the cocktail’s flavor.

2. Look up flavorful mocktail recipes

The internet is full of easy and tasty recipes that you can try out. From mango to apple, the flavors available will guarantee you a delicious cocktail. Whenever possible, use fresh ingredients like a lime slice or celery stalk. These vegetables and fruits play a huge role in the taste of your cocktail.

Adding garnishes like lime wedges, salt on the glass rim, or mint leaves makes a significant difference in the overall flavor of your cocktail. Once you get the necessary ingredients, follow the instructions for combining them. Since the best nonalcoholic cocktail is created to bring out a particular experience, altering its preparation means altering the experience.

3. Use fancy glassware

Classy glassware adds a visual appeal to the cocktail and makes it more interesting. Glassware can draw the curiosity of guests to order a specific drink. It reflects your creativity and uniqueness. It also makes the drink seem luxurious and determines the clientele you want to attract.

4. Learn the art of mixology

Mixology supersedes everything else when it comes to making the best nonalcoholic cocktails. Regardless of the flavors you use, your drink will be out of balance if you do not adhere to the rules of mixology. Tastes like acidity, bitterness, and sweetness can make a drink in or out of balance.

Therefore, the primary principle to making the best nonalcoholic cocktails is to balance the elements. Ideally, you should strive to create a drink that leaves you wanting more.

5. Use quality bases

Don't get a sprite to save money if a drink requires you to use flavored syrup and tonic water. The drink’s flavor will be tremendously affected, and your guests will notice. If your cocktail calls for fresh juice, use a juicer to make the juice using the necessary fruits or vegetables.


The best nonalcoholic cocktail should be one your guests didn’t know they would enjoy. Mixologists have become more creative and desire only to create cocktails that will not put off the guests. You should encourage your guests to try out new flavors. This way, you earn their trust by creating drinks that will leave them craving for more.