Getting education abroad can be a pivotal point in one’s career. A good foreign university will bring forth a ton of exposure along with networking opportunities, both of which can be life-changing. Add to it the fact that you get to travel outside your home environment and you can see why many students find studying abroad a lucrative prospect. 

Owing to its centuries-old Universities and a reputation for nurturing some of the greatest minds in history, the UK is quite popular among students. Many of the UK’s prestigious universities rank among the top 1% of the world and see a fair share of foreign students. Let’s talk about some of the things to think about when it comes to studying abroad.

Why study in Exeter?

Exeter houses one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, The University of Exeter. The reputed institute welcomes hundreds of foreign students every year and will likely be the go-to for anyone studying in Exeter. The city of Exeter is also located on the banks of the river Exe providing it with great scenic beauty and ambiance while not sacrificing the metropolitan lifestyle. With the city of London just a train ride away, Exeter is the ideal location for students willing to get an international experience paired with the ambiance of southwest England. The average student accommodation Exeter costs less than £200 a week.

Why study in Nottingham?

The country of Robin Hood has a lot to offer, and so do its Universities. While students won’t be mastering archery like the 14th-century legend they will however be creating a roadway leading to a prosperous career. Apart from having a bustling nightlife the city also has a rich culture and brings forth the perfect balance between both worlds.

The University of Nottingham is the oldest and the most prestigious in the city catering to a large crowd of foreign students every year, giving you a truly international experience. The university has a history of nurturing great minds from Billionaires to Nobel laureates, the University has produced it all. The university also ranks among the world’s top 1% and can open gates to a successful career. Student Accommodation Nottingham is also quite affordable with rent starting at just over £100 per week.
Things to consider while choosing accommodation

Location: The location of your living quarter will likely play a key role in your day-to-day life. Since you’ll likely be staying there for most of your college years it is important to find a place that is easily commutable from your Campus.

Transportation: Transportation is a key factor to consider when choosing accommodation proximity to public transportation utilities like buses/train is something to look for. 

The total cost of living: It is important to calculate the total cost of living before anything else as this will likely determine where you’re going to live. This includes rent, bills, utilities, approximate transport costs, food, and other expenses.


Studying in the UK can be a great experience for international students and Exeter and Nottingham sure provide lucrative options.