There are a lot of things to do when you are looking at buying one of the many homes for sale in Toronto, or wherever else you’re looking to live. Once you settle on the decision to look at a new home, you have to also get your current home sold. Selling it for what it is worth is your first priority so you need to do things to increase the value of the home

Once you put it on the market, you now have to make sure that you present it in the best possible light. When people come to view the house during an open house or with a realtor, they should be wowed and ready to make an offer. It’s up to you to stage it in such a way that they can’t resist. In this article, we will go over several ways that you need to have your house staged for maximum effect. 

1 - Give it a deep clean

The house needs to be cleaned in such a way that it will look like nobody has been living there. Spotless doesn’t even describe it. This is the time to hire a cleaner to come and give it a thorough scrub down. The carpets need to be steam cleaned so they have no stains or discolorations. They also need to have any odors eliminated that you probably don’t even notice but a guest will. 

The upholstery on the furniture needs a similar treatment. A professional will steam clean it using the right products so it looks brand new after.

Everything should be shiny and the space should look tidy so a prospective buyer can come in and not be distracted by any areas of the home that look tired and underwhelming because they weren’t cleaned properly.

2 - Get it landscaped

Curb appeal may be a cliche at this point, but it is still as relevant as ever. When a potential buyer comes up the driveway they should immediately be impressed. This is going to influence how they feel about the house before they walk in the door. 

It should look properly landscaped so when the buyer arrives they are looking forward to seeing more. Have the driveway area landscaped with bushes or flowers leading up to the front door. Make sure the lawn is mowed and that bushes are trimmed. 

Don’t go overboard with too many ornamentals because people might be turned off thinking it will be a lot of work to maintain. 

3 - Get the lighting right

People love to live in a house that is bright and airy. It’s important to get as much natural light into the space as possible obviously, this isn’t possible for night viewings or when it is rainy or overcast. 

Your lighting should be done with bulbs that give natural light instead of harsh, bright white light. This gives the house a cozy feel and will make somebody want to live there.