Buying something means requiring money. Of course, all people want the best quality of the products they buy, right? To have guaranteed quality and not regret later days, you need to know some aspects of  the product. In this context, its pillow protector.

Here are some ways to buy pillow protectors and what things you need to consider, so you won’t regret the product after you buy it. Let’s go!

Part 1 : Methods to buy pillow protector

Part 2 : Factors to buy pillow protectors

Part 1 : Methods to buy pillow protector

Buying a pillow protector could be done in different ways. You can do it by buying it online, in retail stores, or in houseware. These are some good and bad things from each method to buy pillow protectors :


This way is the most practical. If you’re busy with your work and don’t have time to go to stores, then buying it online is recommended. Some brands provide online shop features on their website like Everlasting Comfort, but there are many e-commerce sites that sell this product too. 

Retail stores

Some retail stores near your area might offer pillow cover or pillow protector in their stores. This method is a good choice if you want to make sure the quality of the product by buying it directly and only have a short time. The quality might be not assured as mostly they sell general products, but you can know the product right away, right? So, this can be an option for you.


Houseware is a store where it's focused on offering household appliances, pillow protectors included. If you’re searching for the right quality, this option is probably the most guaranteed one. The reason is because most of the products are the official ones from the company brand.

Part 2 : Factors to buy pillow protectors

Some factors are needed to know so you get the best pillow protector that fits your preferences. Here are the factors that you should consider :

Fits your Pillow

It’s a must to know the size of your pillow to get the right pillow protector. Having the exact size is going to make you easier to find a protector or cover that fits your pillow. Why is it needed? Because having the perfect-fit pillow protector will provide full-protection for the pillow. 

Everlasting Comfort with one of their products which it’s Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow covers, provides all the sizes for their product, such as Standard, Queen, and King. 


Materials of the pillow protector are the one that decides the most of their quality. What it means by quality is the thickness, texture, softness, washability, and durability. Some of the materials that company used to make protectors are cotton, wook, polyester, and tencel fabric. But there are still more other materials out there. 

Features and Technologies

Additional features on pillow protectors are like a must for a company to provide these days. For example, hypoallergenic to prevent allergens, waterproof to protect the pillow from liquid, or self-cooling to make it cooler for your head. Feel free to choose something that suits your needs.