It’s 2022, and technology has evolved in leaps and bounds. While certain technologies were once thought to be more for commercial use, the fact is that these commercial devices are now being made into personal devices. Think smartphones, computers, and even laser hair removal devices

Now when it comes to price, clinical laser treatments can be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands per session, depending on the area size. However, home hair removal laser devices are usually a lot cheaper than that, which makes it seem like a worthwhile investment. 
Laser hair removal was once only done in beauty salons or under the supervision of medical personnel, but today, you can get a personal device off the internet for the fraction of the price of laser treatments and do it in the comfort of your own home. However, the question remains… Is it safe? 

How laser hair removal works

First, we must look at how these devices actually work. Laser works by killing active hair follicles. Since hair follicles grow in cycles, it takes a few treatments over the course of a few months (6 months on average) in order to kill all hair follicles to achieve the desired smooth and hairless effect. For some people who have extremely active hair follicles, they might find that they need maintenance treatments every year or so. 

Are at-home hair removal devices effective? 

This answer really depends on which type of hair removal device you choose. While both types of treatment do reduce hair growth, you will see quicker results with a laser device. That being said, laser hair removal devices, especially those for personal use, are much weaker, in order to make it consumer friendly. That way, you will not accidentally hurt yourself, as it gives you a wider berth for mistakes. Furthermore, it will take more time per session in order to cover more ground as they are much smaller than professional devices, so if you’re planning to remove chest hair or leg hair, do bear in mind that it might take up two an hour to make sure you target every spot. 
The question of effectiveness is actually dependent on coloring.
The laser targets melanin and follows hair down the shaft in order to damage it. Therefore, if you have pale body hair and pale skin, you might find that it might be harder for the treatment to work effectively. The same goes both ways, and dark skinned individuals with dark hair will also provide the same results. The best results work for those with light skin and dark hair. 
For those with dark skin, they might find that the laser burns their skin, which is nowhere near ideal. And for people with the light hair and light skin combo, it is much more worth it to go get it professionally done because they will only be wasting their money on devices that will not provide them with any results whatsoever.
Comparison tables and best choices

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