The water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. It helps you to get warm water quickly without wasting time and energy. If you are planning to replace an old water heater or install a new one, tankless hot water heaters are the best option for you due to many reasons including their compact structure, high efficiency, ease of installation, and more.

There are some other reasons that you should also consider before choosing a water heater for your home. Here are the four important reasons why tankless hot water heaters are better than the other types of water heaters available in the market:

1. They Are Energy Efficient
The first reason to purchase a tankless water heater would be due to the fact that they are energy efficient. When you have this installed, it will prevent the need of keeping an extra water heating appliance in your home. This option is nice because it will provide you with enough hot water for all your household needs; knowing that you are not wasting money on an extra appliance is something every householder would enjoy.

If you install a tankless water heater, you will save money on your energy bill. The reason is that it doesn't use electricity the way that an electric or gas tank does. It continues supplying hot water as needed, so there isn't any residual heat loss from the tank. The downside to this type of heater is that it requires a greater initial investment.

2. Increases Property Value
A lot of people like to take out home renovation loans in order to update their homes, increasing their value. One aspect that many homeowners often overlook is the water heater. They never think about how old it is or if they could get anything better. 

Well, there is something better and it will increase your property value, especially if you get a tankless heater, because it is about the best on demand water heater available in the market today. Tankless water heaters are made to last twice as long as traditional water heaters. Not only that, but they deliver up to 50 gallons of hot water per minute, saving you energy and money.

The tankless variety is getting more popular than ever among potential buyers who want their next home purchase to include the latest in hot water systems. According to Remodeling Magazine, tankless water heaters typically last twice as long as traditional models and provide hot water immediately. Rolling out the welcome mat for buyers is a major selling point in any real estate market — and it's an easy thing to do when you've got a new tankless water heater.

3. They Save Space
The amount of space that this product saves is very helpful, especially if you are trying to stay within a certain budget or just want the convenience of having more storage space available in your home. If you think about it, why waste more room when you don't have to? There are many different sized tankless water heaters, so it is best to do some research on these options before making the final purchase.

4. Longer Lasting
If you have a tankless hot water heater, you need not worry about it ever running out. It will continue to provide warm or cool water as needed for as long as its components last. In time, the tankless water heater's heating element could run out of use and require replacement. This can be seen as a positive because there will be no need to replace any tank components.

If you choose a tankless water heater, your appliance will last longer - an average lifespan for this type of unit is about 20 years. They do not have any storage tanks or other parts which can wear out.

If you choose a traditional tank heater, the tank itself will need to be replaced on average every 6-12 years depending on many factors including how frequently it is used, the quality of the water supply, and other environmental conditions.

5. Lower Risk Of Leaks
A tankless hot water heater does not have any risk of leaks because it is not stored with water inside. A traditional tank has up to 30 gallons of hot water stored within it, which means that if there was a small leak it could drain the entire holding tank in one go.

A leaking storage tank can lead to significant damage and costly repairs. The lack of risk of leaks associated with a tankless water heater makes them a safe choice for those who want to decrease their expenses and protect their home.

6. Endless supply of hot water
Tankless water heaters are known to have an endless supply of hot water. A tankless heater will provide you with a continuous flow of hot water at the temperature you want it. This means that no matter how much time you need the extra amount of hot water, your tankless system is ready to give it back to you. They can provide very high temperatures of water at a very high rate.

Many people don't know that having a tankless water heater installed in their homes will save them time and money. If you haven't considered purchasing one of these units, it's time to learn more about what this multifunctional product can do for you.

For the above reasons, isn't it time you replaced your older inefficient tank heater with a newer, more energy-efficient, and money-saving choice?