It’s completely understandable for a woman to want to have a figure that’s straight out of a magazine. With hard work, dedication, and commitment, the body of your dreams is achievable. But there are just certain times or occasions where you want to have the body of your dreams. If there’s only a type of garment that makes you look instantly thinner while being comfortable. This is where shapewear comes in. 

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is a type of undergarment with the purpose of helping you temporarily eliminate any unwanted lumps of fat or bulges. Shapewear does this by sucking those unwanted sights, making you appear curvier and slimmer. You may be wondering if shapewear is only good for curvy girls. But the truth is, even skinny women use shapewear to enhance their curves, especially when they’re wearing something fit. (1)

Like any type of undergarment, shapewear is available in various kinds of colors, brands, purposes, and sizes. That means there’s no one-size-fits-all shapewear that any woman can use. Additionally, the kind of shapewear you choose should also depend on your purpose and body type. This complexity entails knowing some tips when buying shapewear, especially if you’re planning to purchase online. (1)

Tips when buying shapewear online

When buying anything online, you want to ensure that every purchase you make will meet your expectations. For one, the refund and return policy of online purchases can be pretty troublesome compared to buying from a physical boutique. Second, you have to ship your order back to the seller if you want to return or refund your purchase, which can consume a hefty amount of time on your part.

So if you’re planning to purchase shapewear online and you want it to go smoothly, here are some smart tips to help you out:
1. Have accurate measurements of yourself

Keep in mind that you just can’t guess the right size for your shapewear, just like how you choose any type of clothing. Every shapewear has a precision fit, making it essential to get the correct measurements when you purchase online. Also, the size of shapewear may also depend on the style and brand.

Before adding shapewear to your cart, always consult the store’s sizing chart and consider how you’re going to use it. If you only want to cover your waist, measure your waist and opt for a waist-slimming garment. Shapewear also covers your bust and hip, so if you want to cover these areas, measure these parts well.

Here are some tips when measuring your bust, waist, and hips:

Bust: To have an accurate measurement of your bust, place the measuring tape on the fullest part of your chest. Make sure to keep the tape level, especially since measuring your chest can be quite difficult.

Waist: For an accurate waist measurement, pull the tape on the narrow part of your waist, which is usually around the natural bend in your torso as you lean to one side. It’s also located one or two inches above your belly button.

Hips: Unlike measuring your waist, you have to find the fullest part of your hips so you can have an accurate measurement of this part of your body. But measuring your hips can be quite tricky, especially if you have a curvy body. So ask help from a friend or use a mirror so you can determine that the tape is level. (2)

When measuring these areas of your body, it’s advisable to use a soft measure type made of fabric or vinyl. As mentioned, make sure that the tape is level when measuring these areas. To achieve this, you can use a mirror or have a family member or trusted friend measure them for you.

Additionally, the tape should be flat over your bust, waist, and hips. The tape being flat means it should be directly on your skin. Pull the tape tight enough but not too tight that you can still slip one finger or two underneath the tape. It shouldn’t squeeze you, which can be uncomfortable, and neither should the tape fall down. 

It’s quite easy to forget your measurements, so make sure to write or take note of them immediately. Also, to make sure that every shapewear purchase you make online is a perfect fit, you’ll want to take measurements every time you order, even if you’ve ordered at the same shop before. There can be instances where the supplier’s sizing chart might change or your body’s measurement might no longer be the same as before.

2. Purchase for your target area

No one knows your body and fashion sense best like you. In other words, you’re the best judge on what suits your body, making everything you wear your decision. With that said, assess your body personally and identify the areas you want to smoothen so you can fit into your ideal outfit.
For instance, you might feel confident about your waistline and tummy, but you can be insecure about your thighs. In this case, you can purchase shapewear that focuses on your thighs, targeting that area and not your waist. Since you already know your target area, shopping for shapewear online becomes much more manageable.

Here are a few ways you can follow on how you can choose shapewear for different target areas of your body:

Waist slimmer: Opt for high-waist shapewear if you want to achieve a flat stomach. This type will hold your stomach up to your bra while holding your back fat and love handles, making your waistline look smoother and slimmer.

Thigh slimmer: Most full-body shapewear extends to the thigh part. But if you specifically want to focus on your thighs, you can always purchase a thigh slimmer. A thigh slimmer will also smoothen your hips and waist.

Full-body shaping: If you want to achieve a smooth full-body look, a bodysuit or full-body shapewear is the best choice. This shapewear is basically designed to give you a flawless look as it’ll hold your tummy, waistline, butt, thighs, and back, making it the ideal undergarment when you want to wear an outfit for a special occasion, like a wedding dress on your wedding day.

Smoothing: If you’re confident about how you feel about yourself already but still troubled by your cellulite, you can go for shapewear designed to cover or minimize any skin imperfections you have. (3)

3. Choose the appropriate color

When purchasing undergarments, especially shapewear, always consider the color. This is important since an inappropriate color might ruin your entire outfit. Also, different types of dresses demand a specific type of shapewear, especially those made of light fabrics. In this case, it’s best to base the color of the shapewear on the type of fabric or your complexion.

Black is often the preferred color for undergarments, which also applies to shapewear. However, since dark colors are said to absorb heat, it’s best to refrain from using black shapewear during warm days or months. Still, black shapewear shouldn’t be absent from your wardrobe. (1)

4. Determine your purpose

Another factor you need to consider is the purpose of the shapewear. In other words, which occasion are you planning to wear the shapewear? Are you going to use it only for special events? Are you fully committed to making it an everyday accessory?

Here are some shapewear categories you can keep in mind so you can make an informed decision:

Special occasions: If you want to wear shapewear during a special event where you want to look your best and picture-perfect, you can go for the kind that hides or enhances a specific spot of your body. Think corsets or bodysuits. Also, if you want your waistline to be more defined, go for a high-level compressor.
Everyday wear: If you want to use shapewear daily, go for those that give you maximum comfort level. This means you should be able to stand, eat, walk, sit, and bend comfortably while still reducing any unwanted lumps and bumps.
Workout: This type of shapewear is essentially made up of materials that promote sweating while still allowing you to look good as you’re working out to flatten your belly or any other areas of your body. (3)

Final words

As you can see, shapewear is a dream come true for anyone who wants to hide any insecurities about their body. However, since it can be restricting, especially if it’s not the right size for you, always prioritize your comfort when buying shapewear, either online or through a physical store. Fortunately, if you take note of your measurements, consider the weather and purpose of the shapewear, and know the color you want, shopping for shapewear should be a breeze. 

As a final word, remember that confidence should always be a part of your outfit. Even if you have any insecurities or unwanted fats, if you find the courage to be confident about your body, then you’re going to be as beautiful as those you see in every women’s magazines.


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