Imagine a scenario where you are on a vacation with your partner but you are not feeling the spark? You may be far away from your usual routine, yet you still don't connect at an intimate level. Well, this happens in many relationships. Not all holidays result in a blissful experience. 

However, does yours have to be that way? Of course not! Holidays are the moment where you should rekindle the flame in your relationships and enjoy the sparks. It is a moment where you have time to yourself. Whether you are just alone or surrounded by children - you can create exciting experiences that will make beautiful moments. In this article, you will learn some tips that can do the tricks and spice up your marriage during the holiday.

1. Make Plans

A vacation is ideal for having fun and memorable experiences. However, that isn't all. You need to know what you want to achieve from that trip. Establish some goals that specify the type of feeling you want by the time you get back. Listen to each other's desires about what you expect from your vacation. Once your partner and you know what you want, every other activity will be fun and hassle-free. Besides, you can set up some exciting plans before embarking on the journey. For instance, you may want to abstain from physical intimacy for two weeks before going on your holiday. It keeps the fizz from fizzling out in your relationship. In short, make plans and commit to them before embarking on the journey. 

2. Make Out with Each Other

Holidays are a perfect time where you would want to have that "perfect sex". But hey! You don't need to pressurize yourself into getting that moment. The truth is every moment is perfect. You don't need to set high expectations for yourself as that could lead to disappointments. So, instead of fantasizing about some moments, sit back, relax, and just focus on making out without giving yourself much pressure. 

3. Choose Activities that are New to You 

During the holiday, trying some new activities outside your room is another great idea. You can choose a new activity to deepen your emotional connections. Learn something together to strengthen your bond and increase your feeling of excitement for each other. Whether it is taking a painting class or going on a tour, just ensure it is a new experience for the two of you.

4. Free Yourself of your Homey Roles

During our usual lives where we have to take care of the home and go to work, we play so many roles that do suck up our time and energy. However, this doesn't have to play out during the holiday. Let go of the roles during your daily lives - husband, wife, father, mother, friend, co-worker. Instead, free yourself. You don't have to do the laundry, take care of the pets, or worry about the bills. Enjoy your time and bring out the playful part in you. You can take up some exciting roles such as being an adventurer, a lover, or any role that creates a pleasant experience.

5. Experiment a Little

It goes without saying, you only live once. Romantic relationships can stagnate physically as you become more and more comfortable with each other, so sometimes spicing things up can make what seems familiar and dull instead seem new and exciting. Whether it means picking out a cliché nurse outfit, introducing toys into the bedroom or even experimenting with new kinks. (ladies, see how long your man can last being locked up) Remember you’ve got a whole life to spend with each other physically, so try to keep it fun and not too serious along the way!

6. Listen to Each Other (Put those Phones Away!)

Having a mindful presence is essential to every long-term relationship including marriage. Take time to have an undistracted conversation and listen to each other. For instance, you could reminisce about how you first met or fell in love with each other. Talk about your wedding or origin story. You can also talk about the traits you like about your partner and why you admire them so much. Make them feel important throughout your conversation.


Going on a holiday with your partner is often an exciting moment. Act on these tips and get the results you really desire.