The chastity belt has become a popular part of sexual play in recent years. While many people associate chastity belts with men today, they were initially for women. But the BDSM world has made chastity belts increasingly popular, especially as people start to see what makes these items so useful for sexual purposes.

The Origin of the Chastity Belt

Details on the origins of the chastity belt are unclear, but the earliest known instance of such a device existing dates to the fifteenth century. While many argue that chastity belts were common among many women during the Crusades as anti-temptation devices, there is no evidence that such belts prior to the fifteenth century.

The general purpose of the chastity belt was to protect women. Women would often wear these belts to prevent feelings of temptation between them and their sexual partners. Many women also wore them to keep themselves from being raped.

The belt was also used in the early twentieth century to prevent masturbation. It was believed that by wearing a chastity belt, it would be difficult for someone to masturbate. But further studies found that masturbation is not a cause of mental health issues, thus making such belts unnecessary.

The Rise of the Belt For BDSM

While chastity belts became less common after people discovered that masturbation isn’t very harmful, it would become popular among BDSM enthusiasts. The concept of the belt is to have the wearer surrender one’s sexual control for play purposes. Whether it entails a metal belt with a locking system or another device that requires the wearer to squeeze at a spot to loosen the belt, these items have become popular for BDSM use. They are also useful for men and women, as different belt designs are available for each gender.

A General Thrill

The main reason why so many people are interested in chastity belts today is that they are more thrilling and exciting for sexual purposes. People enjoy the excitement of teasing their sexual partners or making the anticipation of sex all the more appealing.

But others like wearing chastity belts because they enjoy the pain and shame that comes from wearing them. They like how their sexual urges and desires are being repressed while wearing one of these belts.

Staying Faithful

Many people who wore chastity belts in the olden days did so to preserve themselves for their true sexual partners. Some people wanted to reserve their sex for those that they trusted the most. A chastity belt would keep a person from expressing sexual urges to others that they aren’t comfortable with, instead reserving those urges for the people they lust for the most.

Many people still wear chastity belts for this purpose today. They want to wait for their partners to be ready for sex.

Some people also wear their belts for the long term to prevent themselves from having premarital sex. While this practice seems a little too extreme for some, it is a necessity for many people who want to preserve their bodies. It is different from the BDSM-related practice of wearing these belts, but it is vital for many people who wish to protect themselves.

An Exciting Choice For Sex

Anyone looking for something unique for sexual purposes will find the chastity belt to be a worthwhile item. Chastity belts are very popular and useful for anyone who wants to wear something a little different from the norm for sex. These are also useful for when someone wants to preserve one’s sexual activities, but it especially useful for those interested in sex.