Teaching is an interesting field that requires constant learning to stay in the game and meet the challenges of modern times. Every teacher who keeps updated is likely to perform more effectively and provide a more productive environment to students in classrooms in comparison to others. 

You must know that the dynamics of every subject are different. For instance, teaching students with exceptions needs great care and continuous attention. Teachers working in special education must be vigilant enough to grasp new concepts and knowledge and know how to impart this information to their students. Otherwise, many teachers who do not learn the ropes have to ultimately quit teaching special education. It is also endorsed through this fact that, on average, 50% of special education educators are estimated to be out of their jobs till their fifth year in teaching. 

However, it is never too late to learn and get started with the training tools that can help you to be a successful staff member of special education.   

Here is a list of popular and productive blogs especially targeted towards special education that you should not overlook for finding reliable and effective helping material and learning resources. 

The Life That Chose Me

The Life That Chose Me is a fantastic learning tool for both teachers and parents of children with exceptional needs. This blog focuses on education policy discussions from the teachers' and parents' perspectives, Autism and Asperger's.

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper shares daily posts so you can get yourself updated by visiting this blog every day. It is an amazing site featuring curriculum tools, learning resources, and new teaching methodologies. As a special education teacher, it is a treasure trove of information that you can explore all day without getting bored. 

Teacher Sol

Teacher Sol is a great learning tool for special education teachers as it offers handouts, lesson plans, and quizzes. Furthermore, the ‘Get Informed’ section on this site is an excellent source for getting information about learning opportunities for teachers where they can engage with educational organizations. 

Breezy Special Ed

Breezy Special Ed is an easy-to-read blog that is a great source of printables for the classroom. It shares organizational ideas and teaching methods for life skills such as cooking, laundry, and assisting students with exploring career opportunities. You can purchase worksheets and lesson plans from this website. 

Mrs. D’s Corner

Mrs. D’s Corner is a fun-loving site that gives an upbeat feel to its visitors. It has a wealth of tips and tricks for special education teachers to make teaching easy and learning fun. You can find anything from organization ideas to sensory activities to ideal seating options. This blog has a ‘freebies’ section for downloading free printables for the classroom. It is an amazing site worth exploring for special education teachers. 

Autism Adventures

Autism Adventures is a blog full of resources and ideas related to academics, communication, behavior, and organization. You can also explore ideas based on a monthly theme. The most beneficial thing about this site is that you can access most teaching ideas, lesson plans, and other resources without spending any penny as this information is free. 

Mrs. P’s Specialties

Have you joined the special education teaching league recently? And you don't know where to get started. Mrs. P Specialities can prove a productive site for you as the blogger has 20 years of experience teaching in special education, which makes her blog an amazing platform for information on teaching methods that have been tried and tested. It can enhance your knowledge and help you organize and manage your classrooms more efficiently. You can also read the information on interesting ideas. For example, how to set up a classroom in the best way, how to teach certain terms and concepts, and how to create a schedule.  

Successful Teaching

On Successful Teaching, the unnoticed efforts of some of the best teachers working in schools and districts are acknowledged. This site highlights their hard work and successes. The author has a vast experience of 30 years in the special education sector, making her a trustworthy source of information.  

On Special Education

You can find plenty of newsworthy information on "On Special Education," including ongoing events and potential amendments in provisions and legislation regarding special education. It is a great site for those teachers and parents who want to stay updated with the happenings and developments particularly related to special education. 

Reality 101

As the name indicates, Reality 101 gives you a glimpse into the world of special education by sharing the real-life experiences of special children, parents, and teachers. It also recommends tips and tricks for problems faced by relevant staff and kids. This site results from the collaboration between teachers working in special education and the Council for Exceptional Children

Teaching All Students

On Teaching All Students, you can find the reviews of various online games and applications focusing on the development of sorting and fine motor skills and teaching cause and effect.

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties is a valuable resource for you if you are looking for special education teaching methods, lessons, and teaching tips. This website has vast amounts of resources that can help you deliver your best while teaching students with exceptionalities. 

Barto’s World

On Barto’s World, you can find news and insights, particularly focusing on learning disabilities and special education.


SpeEdChange is the hub of knowledge based on the future of special education across the world. It covers news and analysis of current happenings and future changes in the sector of special education in democratic societies. 

Special Needs Children

The Special Needs Children blog can serve as a guide for you to get information about everything from behavioral concerns to medical diagnoses to legislation. It is an encyclopedia that can clear your mind if you are confused and want to ask a query regarding any special education issue. 

Final Words 

Remember that every student and classroom is different, demanding different skills from you to provide a conducive environment for the majority of students. Being a new teacher in special education, you can learn from the experiences of senior teachers. It is noteworthy that successful teachers in special education believe in the concept of mutual learning as they strive to provide the best classroom environment to their students.