Everyone has a different sense of fashion. And that doesn't only refer to their choice of clothes. Clothing is also a great way of expressing a person's sense of self and lifestyle. If someone uses bold and bright colors in their outfits it may be to express their passion in life. If someone chooses darker colors like olive green, brown and black, it may suggest that they are more mysterious and introverted.

The options and combinations are endless, and while they may not have a story behind them, they surely tell a lot about a person's sense of identity and belonging. As the gorgeous Coco Chanel once said “Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever”.
Gothic style
Of course, this type of clothing is not for everyone. The individuals that have adopted this sense of fashion are usually the ones that started being interested in gothic clothing alongside the music and artists in the gothic and post-punk subculture. 

This music is oriented towards emotions and more mellow-sounding instruments. People that chose the gothic style of clothing are usually more introverted and like to be more mysterious and closed-off to others. That doesn't mean they're not happy! They enjoy the company of the music that feels like understanding and warmth.

If you're interested in the gothic style, you may like black clothing, silver chains, and high boots with large platforms. The hair and makeup have to stand out too, usually in dark and bold fashion. These individuals may look unfriendly at first, but don't be too fast to judge them by their looks. They are as friendly as anybody else.

Bohemian fashion style
Bohemian, or boho, is a style that’s been trending for a while now. Women usually have long hair and wear vibrant loose-fit pieces with intricate designs and unique motifs. This style includes handmade clothing produced from natural fabrics. 

It is recognized for its free-flowing, easygoing attitude, which can be seen in nearly all of its clothing. Boho fashion is more than simply a trend; it's a way of life. It is a legitimate culture that has been around for a long time and has found its place among other cultures. 

Besides that, this is a form of a subculture that adheres to a specific philosophy and has a distinct and intricate past. The majority of people associate bohemian fashion with hippy fashion.

Punk style
The punk movement arose in the mid-'70s and lasted for approximately a decade, but its influence can still be seen today. It is centered on punk rock music, but it encompasses a wide range of beliefs and modes of expression.

In comparison to the current norm, punk fashion also follows the rules of non-conformity. It frequently inspires passion, individualism, and freedom, and some individuals have tattoos and a large portion of their attire is sourced from thrift stores, demonstrating a new form of anti-consumerist message.

The punk girls usually wear slashed fishnet tights with spiked bracelets or other spike-encrusted accessories. For both men and women, piercings and silver bracelets are popular alternatives to casual attire. In terms of make-up, black is the most dominant color, with both girls and boys wearing a lot of black eyeshadow. If this is your sense of fashion then you surely are a bold and passionate one.
Vintage style
Vintage clothes are all about old-fashioned elegance and refinement. This fashion includes materials and fashion from a past period, regardless of which one it is. There are individuals and fashions that come and go, but the appeal of vintage clothing seems to last forever. 

Denim, cropped pants, tall boots, and skirts are among the most popular vintage trends in fashion. Vintage clothes can be new, secondhand, handcrafted, or even manufactured and can even be found in high-end fashion stores. You must be a nostalgic person with a lot of courage if you can classify your attire as vintage. 

Final thoughts
Fashion is not something that you can force yourself to love. It’s the same as why you can’t pinpoint why you like one thing and dislike the other in terms of aesthetics. Your style is mostly an expression of how you feel in your life. It may change depending on your feelings and sense of identity.

No matter what is the case, if you feel like you want to implement some details of a style that is different than yours, do it, and do it with style and grace. Whatever makes you feel confident is the best for you and your sense of fashion.