The flight tickets were a good deal, and you found a good Airbnb in a great area. When you land at the airport, you can't wait to start your vacation. You arrive at the airport only to discover that all your lost luggage. Nothing can prepare you for this; not only are your plans ruined, but you will also have to make a financial sacrifice for these misfortunes. However, unfortunate incidents can happen to anyone.

A travel insurance plan provides financial compensation for mishaps and accidents during a trip. They can range from minor issues like lost luggage to more significant ones like emergency medical treatment abroad. In most cases, travel insurance companies offer more significant benefits or coverage today than they did in the past. There are now some companies that provide a range for hijacking and terrorism. There is a lot to consider when it comes to travel insurance; that's why we have reviewed different companies for you. We analyze their cost, coverage, exclusions, and customer reviews. 

Allianz Travel Insurance

The company dates back to 1890 in Germany as a subsidiary of Allianz. Allianz earns the spot because it offers comprehensive coverage for frequent travelers at a low cost-per-trip. You'll get the best coverage with the AllTrips Executive plan. There is also coverage for individual trips. A yearly travel insurance policy is better for travelers who frequently travel each year rather than individual policies. Four different annual plans are available from Allianz Travel, each with an additional benefit level. The company's AllTrips Executive plan has the highest limits and coverage.

AXA Travel Insurance
The well-known and highly regarded AXA Insurance is also one that we know. Besides providing overseas travel coverage, it also offers personal accident coverage.

AXA SmartTraveller provides you with even more confidence when traveling. There are both individual and family plans that can cover your international travel. If you're planning a single trip, you may want to check out AXA's SmartTraveller, which offers VIP, Classic Plans, and Family Plans, with 190-day coverage maximums.

Travel insurance from Smart Traveller goes beyond the basics. With this plan, you will also be able to hire alternative medical professionals like a Chinese medicine practitioner, an osteopath, a chiropractor, and others.

Parents will be ecstatic when they hear that the Smart Traveller includes child education benefits if the insured passes away while their children are still in school.

The Smart Traveller plan from AXA even covers the cost of a ransom in the event of kidnapping or hostage-taking! Online purchases of AXA SmartTraveller are available at your convenience. In addition to its extensive coverage, AXA's SmartTraveller insurance offers a wide range of options.

Etiqa Takaful

Etiqa Takaful is another established insurance provider in Malaysia.

The fact that it offers four types of travel insurance plans is appealing to us. Of the four, TripCare 360 Takaful is our favorite, and it is also a smart option. A rebate is something everyone loves, right? A distinct feature that sets TripCare 360 Takaful apart from the competition is its 25% rebate.

Also included is a cashless medical benefit that allows for free hospitalization. A Guarantee Letter (GL) and a phone call to its hotline are all you need to get started.

As a bonus, you'll get paid RM5,000.00 for your damaged or lost luggage, stolen money, or lost travel documents. Whatsapp is also an option for claiming. In addition, if you have a delayed flight for two hours without submitting a claim, you will get RM100.00.

This plan also includes terrorism coverage on top of the primary benefits mentioned. You can use the free calculator on the website to estimate your takaful expenses before you travel.

On the other hand, Fincrew offers comprehensive policies designed to cover many other traveler concerns. Fincrew makes travel insurance easy by providing travel insurance quotes from top insurance companies in Malaysia.