Unless you are a local native or someone who is already an experienced guide, you really cannot explore the Amazon Rainforest on your own. To embark on this journey, you need to book a tour that offers a good starting point and plenty of travel perks for your investment.

For example, if you want to experience various ecosystems, it is best to take a tour that begins in Iquitos, Peru. While Peru, on a map, seems like a skinny landmass, it is filled with inviting and lush jungle scenery. 

Iquitos tours are regularly scheduled for adventurers who wish to explore the rainforest and its animals and plants. Iquitos is a well-known port city in Peru - a portal that leads to Amazon villages, the Amazon River, and Peru’s numerous and lush tropical jungles. 

The city is defined by stilt-constructed homes that stretch along the Itaya River and its open-air traditional marketplaces and vendors. Historical buildings surround the city’s Plaza de Armas, the city’s main square. The structures were built from the profits made from rubber production in the twentieth century.

Because all-inclusive tours out of Iquitos are popular, you will realize some perks you won’t experience on Amazon rainforest tours elsewhere. Following are some of the amenities you can expect to enjoy when traveling from the city.

1. A Private Tour Guide

When taking a Peruvian rainforest tour, you will receive a private tour guide to provide you with guidance and support. Your guide will allow you to experience the rainforest on your own time and will answer any questions you have along the way.

2. A Variety of Interesting Excursions

Rainforest tours from Iquitos allow you to take a boat, hike, or kayak any time during the day and even at night. These trips give you the opportunity to see diurnal and nocturnal animals, boat across the Amazon, catch fish, such as piranhas, or visit villages.

3. Enjoy 3 Meals During Your Holiday

You can savor Peruvian dishes three times a day. A chef-prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner are part of the tour package.

4. A Bungalow with a View

During your tour, you will live in a bungalow with a view of the river. The authentic jungle accommodation includes a bathroom, fan, balcony and hammock, and electricity.

5. A Superb Location

The Amazon Rainforest outside of Iquitos is an amazing example of biodiversity. Not only is the area serene and remote, but it also gives you pause for thought. Thousands of species of animals and plants are part of this habitat.

6. Airport and Hotel Transfers 

Your trip begins after you land, with transfers available from the airport or your hotel to your rainforest accommodations.

7. Free Access to Wi-Fi

Just because you are staying in the rainforest does not mean you cannot have Wi-Fi. Stay connected online even when you are in the jungle.

8. Tours that Emphasize Preservation and Education

Your tour to the Amazon Rainforest will give you a better idea of how ecosystems work and the importance of maintaining them. This type of hands-on learning can only add up to one unforgettable journey.