You always encourage your kids to stay active and engage in hobbies. You motivate them to take up anything from sports, culture, and art. Such activities are crucial for their comprehensive development. These activities help in their physical and mental growth and inspire skill-building, socializing, etc. 

One such incredible activity is swimming. It is a great exercise and also a fun hobby. Experienced parents and teachers recommend involving kids in swimming at an early stage. However, before you introduce your kids to the water, you should bring them the best accessories and gear from Earjobs Australia.

There are a lot of small but instrumental things that you must get your little ones. These accessories play an important role in keeping your children safe in the water and also facilitate them to learn to swim the right way. Following are some gear and accessories that you must get your child for swimming.

Costume and swim vest
Your children can step into the water in any attire, including their regular shorts and t-shirt. However, a swimming costume is a better idea. It is easier to swim in a costume as there is nothing to entangle with. Also, as kids wear a specific outfit for this activity, it makes them feel more excited about it. 

A Swim vest is also a crucial part of swimming gear, especially for kids who are doing it for the first time. The vest helps them learn balance and paddling which are essential skills for the activity. The sturdy foam keeps the child afloat and the adjustable harness secures the vest in place.

Kickboards are great to build leg strength in little swimmers. These boards immobilize hands and allow kids to kick in the water. Kickboards for kids are specially designed with high-quality foam to ensure that the surface does not irritate the tender skin of little swimmers.

One of the common concerns in letting kids into water is about their ears. Swimmer's ear, an infection of the ear canal that results due to excess moisture inside the ear, is a common issue for swimmers and divers. 

Kids are often more prone to such problems owing to their delicate and already moist skin. Earplugs are crucial in preventing water to enter their ears and eliminate the risk of infection. Ensure that the earplugs you choose are soft, comfortable, watertight, and easy to put in and remove from ears.

Swim belt or floating tubes
Swim boards allow your kids to stay on the top and practice kicking. However, floating tubes and swim belts are more commonly used as they allow children to practice both hand and leg movements. These are ergonomically designed with material that is safe for kids and are available in different sizes and adjustable models for a perfect fit.

Swimming goggles
Just like ears, protecting children's eyes from the pool water is also crucial. Chlorinated water from the pool can harm the tender eyes of your kids and may cause redness and irritation. Swimming goggles prevent such issues by protecting eyes from the water and giving them a clear vision despite water splashes.