Women are taking over the world like a storm. They are not only registering their presence but also proving their metal in every sphere of life. With that happening around the world, makes all the sense to talk about appropriate clothing for women in the workplace.

While formals are the obvious choice that comes to mind, business casuals are becoming increasingly popular. Business owners and leaders are advocating for business casuals for a perfect match of comfort and class. 

Does this mean you can pick your favorite dress from the Sweet Charlotte Studio as your tomorrow's office attire? Only if life would be that simple. While business casuals liberate the norms for office wear, they also create perplexity about what is right and what is not. 

The challenge is bigger for women as they are always shuffling between work and home and are running out of time. Although there is no hard and fast rule for choosing an attire, you still need to pay attention to a few things while buying a business casual dress. Here are a few pointers that can help you pick the right one.

Choose appropriate length
Pick a dress that is neither too long nor too short. Make sure the dress falls right above your knees. If you are tall, you can go for thigh-high dresses as well. Such a length will not make you uncomfortable while sitting or getting up from a chair. You can also move on stairs and escalators without being couscous.

Neckline plays an instrumental role
A neckline showing too much cleavage is a big no-no. For that reason, it is safe to avoid plunging and v-neck at the office. Try modest depth for the neck that can be v-neck, round, boat neck, collared style, etc. Avoid boat neck or high neck if you have a long torso.

Pick sleeves carefully
The best choice is to go with 3 quarter sleeves for office casuals. These are modest as well as flattering. You can also pick long sleeves with cuffs, especially for important meetings. The longer the sleeves, the slimmer your arms appear. 

Make sure the fit is perfect
When it comes to appropriateness, the fit is the most crucial parameter. Pick a body-hugging dress and you may end up being suffocated and uneasy after a long day. A baggy dress on the other hand can make you look tacky and sloppy.
Pick a dress that fits you perfectly and also keeps you comfortable. Classic wrap, sheath, a-line, and shift are some great options to get the fit right.

Balance the colors to maintain class
No matter what dress you choose, the color of your apparel can change the whole game. Mostly you should select colors based on your skin tone and hair color. Many designers and business leaders suggest safe choices like black, navy, white, grey, etc. However, you can go a little bolder and pick darker hues like burgundy, forest green, and midnight blue. For one-piece dresses, avoid too much print like flowers, plaids, pinstripes, etc.

Know what you are looking for
Business casuals are not something that you buy for fun or while scrolling to explore new trends. You buy these outfits with an intention. So make a list of what you exactly need and spend your money mindfully. For every piece, you buy think about why do you need it and where you fit it into your wardrobe.