Are you finally ready to propose to her? Well, that sounds great, but to plan a memorable proposal, you need to pick a ring that showcases your romance in the best way possible. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right engagement ring for her.

1. Narrow Down the Shape She Wants:

Firstly, get to know the ring shape she loves and expects from you. Every shape is priced differently, so that is something you need to consider. While princess cut engagement rings are pretty popular, which most women love, a few may want a different ring shape. This is why before heading out to shop for an engagement ring, you need to know her choice and do some research yourself, but the ring cuts.

2. Have a Carat Size in Mind

This is your personal choice based on what you can spend. Few diamond cuts are more expensive than others, and if you go for a higher carat, it can get out of your budget. More carat means bigger stone size, but the stone clarity is also another factor to be considered. If she is ok wearing a large whiter stone, then you can obviously go for a higher carat stone. But if the clarity is more important to her, then you have to take a smaller stone to stay within budget. Always keep a cut-off price for the purchase as this can get expensive if you are not careful.

3. Choose a Metal for the Band:

The next important aspect of choosing an engagement ring is the wedding band metal. It can be gold, silver, or platinum. If you choose gold, know if she likes yellow gold or rose gold. Platinum and silver look mostly the same, but platinum is quite expensive as compared to silver, as it has greater density and is rarer. Also, some metal scratches easily than others which you need to consider as well.

4. Get Her Ring Measurement Correctly:

If you are planning a surprise proposal, getting the right ring size can get tricky. You need to find secretive ways to get her finger measured. Take help of her bestie maybe to get this done. If in doubt, get something bigger than her ring, which can be sized later.

5. Do Consider How It Will Look with the Wedding Band:

Do not do a solitary shop for the engagement ring, as the proposal will be followed by a marriage where you will exchange rings and vows. You should select the engagement ring such that the engagement band compliments it.

6. Stick to Your Budget:

This ring may seem important, but you need to save money to plan an entire wedding as well, which is why do get the best possible ring you can afford rather than extending your budget for an extravagant ring. Remember, the proposal is more important than the ring itself.

The Bottom Line:

Do not forget to pick a ring that feels like her style. The correct ring will automatically give you the right vibes, and you will easily know the ring you really want to use to propose the love of your life.