Techwear, which is an abbreviation for technical wear, is causing much stir, especially among men. It is one of the most trending fashions for men lately.

It comes with great features like water resistance, quality fabric, zippered pockets, and removable compartments which helps to carry much stuff.

Besides its features, the aesthetic of the clothes is mind-blowing. Also, techwear has a variety of colors such as orange, blue, yellow but the most preferred is black and grey. However, where to buy techwear clothing remains a challenge for some fashion enthusiasts.

Can I buy affordable techwear?

Of course, you can. A lot of people want to wear techwear, but the prices they hear scare them. To get a quality techwear clothings at affordable prices follow these tips below:

Online vendors : many feel that anything sold online would be expensive. This is not true.  Some online vendors sell techwear at cheaper prices.
Offline shops : these are shops with physical locations. All you have to do is locate the ones that sell quality techwear at a cheaper rate.
Buy directly from fashion designers :  this helps to cut retail expenses. All you pay for is the material used and his workmanship.
Look for vendors that sell used techwear : buying quality used tech wares is also a good option. This would help save costs and make payment comfortable for you.

Is wearing techwear worth it ?

Yes, it is. Wearing techwear gives a sense of accomplishment. This might sound funny but it's the truth. Many think that they are at a loss if they don't wear what is trending or the latest fashion on board. So, to these people, they have accomplished something.

Again, it simplifies life. Wearing the techwear brings great comfort and ease. Most techwear designers always contemplate the comfort the clothing offers when making them. So, techwear is designed with lots of features lacking in other fashion wear.

Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors making it suitable for any weather condition be it rainy or sunny.

Also, the durability of the techwear cannot be matched. Techwear is mostly made from high-quality fabrics that are water-resistant and adapt to weather temperature.  The techwear has proven to be one of the strongest and long-lasting clothes available.

Additionally, the techwear aids mobility. It has many pockets and compartments which helps to carry your loads or devices. So your hands do less work when you put on the techwear.

More so, it adds beauty to the wearer. Techwear has a very high fashion sense which always looks good on the body. So if you want to look more beautiful, get techwear.

Techwear Trends/Elements

Some of the most popular techwear trends are listed below.

Techwear Jackets

The whole techwear aesthetic revolves around smartly constructed jackets (Hoodies or Windbreakers) that are detailed to the core and built to withstand a range of temperatures. They come in many lengths and sizes with some being loose and baggy shaped or moderately fitting, but never fully form-fitting. Jackets and Hoodies are considered outerwear and more people favor them than other techwear pieces.

Techwear Pants

The most common feature of techwear pants is the extra and deep pockets. Do pants even qualify as techwear if the pockets don’t have pockets? They are also designed to accommodate human movement without creasing the material. Dropped-crotch designs are also popular in this genre.


Think avant-garde and futuristic designs that offer technical functionalities like lightweight, water resistance, breathability, and can be worn all year round.

Bags and Techwear Accessories

Techwear bags are designed to have a large carrying capacity so they have never-ending compartments. Sometimes, bags are made attachable to pants or jackets. Accessories make outfits in this genre more appealing. Some include face masks, straps and buckles, harnesses, hats, chains, and more.

Techwear Style Tips You Should Try

The best styling tips for techwear this year are listed below.


Whether you are going for the classic techwear military look, gothic-streetwear look or you want to recreate a cosplay look, layering the right pieces makes all the difference. A fleece jacket worn over a T-shirt and cargo pants will not make the same statement as a hardshell jacket.

Play With Sizes

Oversized, baggy, or loose jackets on oversized pants may result in a shapeless silhouette which may appeal to a few but is not always ideal. Mixing proportions will produce a more organized look.

Accessorize Boldly

Face masks have the power to uplift a techwear look from basic to mysterious. Straps and harnesses can also be used to shape a jacket or coat the form you want.

Be Unique

Whether you are recreating your favorite Anime characters or following a social media trend, add your twist and stay original to your style. Techwear colors are predominantly dark, but you can add a few colors to your outfit to make you stand out.


The goal is to spend less and still look very classy. So, with the tips provided, you are certain that you would achieve the goal. Now, getting affordable techwear is possible. So, nothing is stopping you from looking very good as the article has served as an eye-opener for all.

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