Healthy hair plays a huge role in a person's appearance. Unfortunately, many people inevitably face hair loss, thinning, and excessive shedding at some point in their life. When topical treatments, diet changes, and supplements don't work, the root of a problem may lie within the fact that your hair follicles simply lack something.

This is when mesotherapy for hair can be the solution that will save the day. Injected directly into the follicles, the cocktail will benefit the balance of useful components in them, thus launching new hair growth. Continue reading to find more information about how does mesotherapy for hair works!

Briefly about Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy is the name of the technique that relies on enriching the middle layer of the skin with beneficial components:

Natural plant extracts;
Amino acids;
Growth factors.

Sometimes, skin and hair concerns are intertwined with a disrupted balance of different components inside the dermis and the hair follicles. Mesotherapy providers believe that the suitable combination of these beneficial ingredients of the injectable is able to solve balance-related problems and contribute to the overall health of the dermis and follicles.

Another purpose of mesotherapy solution is to improve reduced blood circulation. This is particularly important when dealing with dull hair, receding hairline, thinning hair, and other hair-related issues.

Don't forget to talk to a doctor about the feasibility of using meso-treatment, as such components as plant extracts can cause an allergic reaction, especially in people with chronic skin conditions.

How Does Mesotherapy Stimulate Hair Growth? 

There are plenty of topical treatments designed for addressing hair loss and improving the overall hair quality. However, in most cases, shampoos and scalp masks are washed away shortly after being applied and barely affect hair cells, so they can't really make a huge difference. 

When it comes to hair mesotherapy, this treatment is built around injecting vitamin cocktails directly into the hair follicles and the area around them. When hair loss occurs as the result of vitamin deficiency, the shots will deliver missing beneficial ingredients right into the problematic place. This guarantees better absorption, and the treatment will contribute greatly to the new hair growth.

When the reason lies within vitamin deficiency or the lack of other beneficial components within the skin, then mesotherapy is to opt for. Keep in mind, however, that hormonal issues and some other health problems cannot be treated with this technique, so make sure that you've consulted with your doctor before receiving a shot.

What to Know about Healing Process after Meso-Treatment?

Is mesotherapy hair loss treatment painful? While it is highly unlikely to cause significant discomfort, some painful sensations are definitely possible.

Everyone who got vaccinated or received such treatments as dermal fillers or Botox knows what injection site reaction is. Hair mesotherapy is not an exception. However, as long as these reactions are not severe, there is no point in worrying too much about mild to moderate bruising, swelling, and pain.

After being injected with hair loss mesotherapy, a client can go back to their daily life right away. Nonetheless, some recommendations need to be followed after the session:

Reduce UV exposure. Cover your hair with a hat or other hair accessories;
Don't wash or disturb your hair for several days after the shot;
Don't take blood thinners, vitamin supplements, and alcohol for at least 2 days after being injected;
Stay hydrated;
Opt for a low-glycemic diet to reduce possible swelling.

Can Hair Loss Mesotherapy Treatment Be Purchased Online?

Mesotherapy solutions are classified as cosmetic treatments, so clients can freely purchase these injectables online without having a prescription from a doctor. 

Mesotherapy for hair can be somewhat pricey when it comes to buying from American suppliers. Luckily, it is technically not forbidden to purchase from Canadian online stores instead. Distributors from abroad propose more flexible and competitive prices, which wins them a lot of clients from the USA.

In Conclusion

The hair loss problem is not as uncommon as we'd like it to be. And, after you've already found 2000 wrong ways to achieve healthy hair strands, you only need to find that one that works. Luckily, there are plenty of treatments that can address this issue, and mesotherapy for hair is something that could help. 

Another good part about mesotherapy treatment is that it is available online and can be purchased from both Canada and the USA without significant difficulties. Just make sure that you buy from a reliable seller, and your wallet and your hair will be thankful!