Your child’s first years are crucial to learning. As this is the time when most of the brain development occurs, they would absorb information and learn faster. This is also the reason why you should let them receive proper early childhood education.

When planning and choosing child care, you generally have multiple options. There is in-home care, occasional care, and long daycare, which is suitable for children whose parents have busy schedules.

In this article, you will learn what is long day care and how to choose the best centre for your child.

Long Day Care: What It Is

Long day care is suitable for children zero to five years of age and is typically set up in a centre, with programmes designed around the children’s developmental needs and interests.

Unlike occasional care and in-home care, long daycare centres usually operate for at least eight hours per day on regular working days. They support families using play-based and pre-school learning programmes that help them prepare for formal school. However, the approach used can vary from one centre to another to meet the unique needs of their students and unlock their potential.

More often than not, long daycare centres also offer kindergarten programmes for children aged more than five years old.       

Now that you know what is long day care, it is time to find the right centre for your little one.

Picking the Best Day Care Centre for Your Child

When you search “day care centers near me” online, you will be presented with a plethora of options. So, how will you know you are picking the best one for your child? Here are the essential qualities that you should look for.

Licence and Accreditations

First and foremost, the daycare centre that you choose should be licensed by your city or state to offer early childhood education. This ensures they are validated as a safe environment for students and are compliant with the associated rules and regulations.

Aside from the licence, you can also check any accreditations the centre may have. One with a number of accreditations means that they offer top-quality education. You can click here to see more information.

Caring and Stimulating Environment

A good centre should have a caring environment that has the essentials to pique children’s interests and stimulate learning. So, when assessing day care Townsville has today, make sure to visit it personally.

When you step into their premises, take a look at their classrooms and see if they are clean, vibrant, and conducive to fun learning. As for the staff, get a feel of how hospitable, professional, and respectful they are to their visitors. You can also observe the students if they are happy and engaged.

Qualified Teachers and Caregivers

During your visit, you can also speak with the administrators and ask what type of certifications and training their staff members have. Ideally, they should have a degree related to early childhood education or, at least, in the process of obtaining one. Knowing this will give you the peace of mind that your child will receive the best education and care that they need.

Low Caregiver-to-Children Ratio    

A low caregiver-to-children ratio is crucial to ensuring all children will receive adequate care and supervision. So, when assessing a family day care Brisbane North has to offer, check how many students a teacher handles per class.

According to the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), the ideal ratios per age bracket are:

1:4 – for children aged 0 to 2 years
1:5 – for children aged 2 to 3 years
1:10 – for children 3 years old and above
1:15 – for children beyond the pre-school age

Excellent Reviews

Of course, a good long daycare centre should have a stellar reputation with parents and other people. So, read reviews and visit their social media pages to find some comments. You can also visit their websites to look for some testimonials or ask around other parents who have their children enrolled in the same centre.    

Final Thoughts

The quality of early childhood education your child receives is fundamental in preparing them for formal school. So, you should know what programme they get and pick the best centres in your area. Do your research and other due diligence. By understanding what is long day care and following the tips mentioned above, you can start on the right foot when looking for the best centre for your precious little one.
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