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One of the most exciting parts about travel is packing and deciding what items you want to bring with you — it's like Christmas morning for adults! However, when it comes time to pack, we all know that there are some essentials that will make your trip not only more comfortable but also more memorable.

Some people find themselves becoming better travelers over time; they learn from their mistakes and adapt accordingly to new situations. It can be a long and bumpy road (heck, it took me years!) but eventually you become an expert at putting together a great bag or suitcase full of things to make life easier on the road without weighing yourself down too much. But what items should we include in our list of must-haves? We combed through Amazon to find the very best travel essentials, from portable power banks and multi-port chargers to airplane adapters and even some handy storage solutions. You can always check for amazon promo code for the items listed below. 

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Portable Luggage Scale

Amazon recommends this product for "The world's only 100% satisfaction guaranteed handheld digital luggage scale." For $13 you can weigh your bags before checking in at the airport to make sure your bags are under the weight limit! This will give you added piece of mind and save you money by avoiding expensive airline fees!

2. Travel Adaptor Power Strip

Amazon recommends this product as "The all-in-one travel adapter for both North America and Europe" that solves the problem of plugging in multiple devices as most places around the world have different voltages! This is a life saver if your electronics are not dual voltage! In general it'll be good to have a power strip on hand for various hotels or international apartments where you can only find one outlet. The travel power strip features six outlets, two USB ports, and a built-in surge protector so you can charge anything from a cell phone to a laptop!

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3. Portable Luggage Scale/Toll Tag Remover with Extra Storage Bag

If you're flying into the US you'll need to buy a toll tag before you get on the highway! This product is great because it saves you money by avoiding toll fees and keeps your luggage weight under the airline weight limit. It'll definitely come in handy if your suitcase weighs more than 50 pounds or if you want to avoid having to maneuver around the airport overweight luggage fee of $50+ USD. It's also great for international travel as most airlines will charge an extra 20-50% of your checked luggage fee if it goes over their weight limits!

4. Headphone Splitter

Amazon recommends this product for "The best way to share music with friends" which is perfect for long flights or train rides! It's also useful when traveling with others, so you can share your music or watch a movie. This will keep everyone happy and entertained on long trips! It's also extremely useful for sharing an audio tour while walking around the city, so you don't need to constantly pass your phone back-and-forth.

5. RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet by Alpine Rivers

This is perfect for anyone who wants peace of mind while traveling in busy areas with pickpockets... Everyone! Thieves are sneaky and this wallet has hidden pockets that protect your passport, credit cards, drivers license, cash etc from being scanned or taken out of your pocket without you knowing it because it blocks 13.56 MHz frequency which is what credit card scanners use at stores to take data off of cards! It also has a hidden pocket for your passport so you can have some cash and ID cards in the front of the wallet while keeping your most valuable items safe from pickpockets... it even comes with an RFID blocking cell phone case!

6 Portable Charger/Power Bank

Most travelers today don't want to be slowed down by shoddy service or a lack of electricity on the road. If you're going on a long trip, it can be incredibly frustrating to have your phone die at an inopportune time — whether that's while navigating a foreign city or simply wanting a GPS on hand during a hike, not being able to rely on electronic devices for this is not helpful at all! Luckily, there are more portable charging options available now than ever before.

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7. Travel Safe Waterproof Phone/GPS Case with Lanyard

This is an amazing product if you don't want to risk your electronics getting wet at the beach or traveling through various climate conditions! Simply attach it to yourself or your backpack and make sure anything inside stays completely safe! This will keep sand, dust, water, snow etc out of your phone while also keeping it dry in case of rain! It's really compact too so it won't take up much room in your bag.. Definitely an essential for any frequent traveler!


This silicon travel hanger is incredibly durable and strong and gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to packing light! If you're someone that prefers to pack your clothes into a suitcase or backpack rather than carry them on hangers, then this product is ideal for you!

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9. Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Vovotek

For $18 you can connect this bluetooth speaker to smartphones without wires. This allows you to listen to music wherever you are! This can be used in your dorm room, bathroom, or on the go! It's waterproof too for all of you adventurers out there!