A marriage proposal must be a moment to tell your grandchildren. It will remain in your memory and that of your partner as one of the most beautiful in your life. An engagement ring is a character in itself in this whole story because, beyond the fact that it is a special jewel, it transmits a strong message that comes from your heart, as a suitor. It reaches directly to her soul, as your future wife.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right engagement ring. We’re going to talk about some technical criteria essential for the message you want to convey depending on her personality, but also the mistakes that would be preferred to be able to avoid them from the start.

What is an engagement ring?
In Western culture, the engagement ring is the symbol jewel that represents the commitment that two people make to each other before they get married. From grass and hemp to today's precious jewelry, the engagement ring has evolved impressively. Regardless of time and space, even if the habits in terms of how it is worn differ, one thing remained constant: its significance.

The origins of the engagement ring
1215 - This is the year in which Pope Innocent III officially claimed for the first time that a couple needs a period in which to know each other better before getting married. He is also the one from whom the habit of giving the engagement ring started.

Engagement rings, however, existed long before. Grass and hemp threads were the first materials used to make them, but because they did not last very long, they switched to wool, bone and then silk. In ancient Rome, iron was most commonly used for rings, but rust was a real problem.

Gold and silver, inlaid with precious stones, dominated the aristocratic world of medieval Europe (although jewelry inlaid with precious stones has appeared since ancient Egypt).

With the discovery of diamonds in 1880, the making of engagement rings in South Africa was associated with these jewels, and today we are talking about a real industry.

What is the significance of an engagement ring
Regardless of culture, the engagement ring is a symbol of the full love and firm commitment that two people make when they decide to get married. It represents shared love and the beginning of a lasting bond. Therefore, it is very important to be given at the right time and to be well-chosen, so that the marriage proposal is as dreamed by the two lovers who decided to unite their destinies.

Diamond or other gemstone
When it comes to gorgeous diamonds, there are four essential things you need to pay attention to in order to understand why some rings are more expensive and others cheaper. The quality of a diamond is given by: cut, color, clarity and carat.

The cut does not refer to the shape of the gem, but to the angles and proportions of the stone. A well-cut diamond reflects light from one facet to another and projects it towards the top of the stone.

The color of the diamonds is graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). The real and most sought after diamonds are the colorless ones, but the shades can be a matter of taste, after all, so if they like blue, you can opt for a blue diamond ring.

Clarity is another note that makes a difference. The clearer a diamond is and the fewer imperfections it is, the more expensive it is. Like color, clarity is measured between SI1 and SI2. Carats refers to the weight of the stone. The harder it is, the more it is worth.

A very important thing about diamonds is the shape. As it is a strictly taste aspect, first find out what your partner's preferences are and then choose one of the options below:

Round - classic and immortal, regardless of fashion changes.

Princess - is one of the most popular forms for engagement rings.

It seems - if you want something more special and not take what everyone chooses.

Oval or heart - if he likes to be explicit, you can choose a heart-shaped diamond or opt for an oval one. Not all women go for diamonds, so pay attention to what she likes. Maybe another gemstone like emerald, onyx or ruby would make her much happier than the most beautiful diamond.

Moissanite as a perfect alternative
The big drawback when it comes to diamonds is their price. However, moissanite is almost 4 times as cheap as diamonds, but almost a perfect match in terms of quality and looks. MoissaniteCo offers a wide variety of engagement rings ornamented with these fine gemstones. We encourage you to have a look at their website https://www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite/engagement-rings.

Because you don't want the ring to be too wide or too tight, it's good to know what action to take. Engagement rings, because they are special, are quite difficult to change or even can not be changed at all sometimes, so it is not an option to take anything with the thought that you can adjust or enlarge it later. 

However, there are some jewelry stores that can offer you, free of charge, the resizing of the ring. But why complicate things? Better borrow a partner's ring and take it to a specialty store. There, the ring will be measured, and you will know exactly what to buy.

You hurry and take what catches your eye for the first time - Hurry spoils the job. Why rush to the first beautiful ring you saw and then regret not choosing something better? Give yourself time to do a little research on this. Test the market, see what models you have available, how much it costs and don't forget for a moment that you take it first for it.

Final thoughts

Now that you have chosen the ring following all the unwritten rules, taking into account the mount, shape, material, the significance of the gemstone and, last but not least, the budget and its personality, you should have no problem making the right choice.