Even though minerals are great for our health, having an excess amount of minerals would be harmful. Moreover, hard water would not be any useful. One will have to soften it before using it. 

Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, and kidney diseases should plan ways to minimize the hardness of potable water. Similarly, it is pretty difficult to wash anything with hard water, therefore, restaurants and companies need to have soft water to increase efficiency. 

In this article, we would share a few tips and solutions to treat hard water, so that you might not be wasting time in making soap. Some people do not want to invest time in these home remedies but want some fast solutions. For that, they will need to invest money in water softeners, filters, and machines. 

How to identify hard water? 
Checking if you have hard water is pretty easy, a few tests would be enough to reveal it. 
Detergents or soaps are not working with hard water. 
You will have to pay more for the geysers because heating the water would require more energy. 
Your skin would get extremely dry after using hard water. 
You can do the lime paper test to check the hardness level. 
If you fill a water bottle and add soap to it, and if it dissolves quickly then it means that it's hard water. 

Tips to treat hard water

If you are suffering from any disease, and cannot drink hard water. Then the easiest way to make that water soft is to boil it. You must take a large utensil, which has an open mouth. Now put all the water in it, and then wait for it to boil. 
Now you must wait for the water to cool down, the minerals will settle down in the vessel. Now you must pour that water into another vessel, and use it for different purposes. 

Water conditioner 
Those who have tried several detergents, but still none of them are working to clean your clothes. Then the best way would be to use a water conditioner. These are the cheapest solutions. One thing which you must consider before buying these is the non-precipitation feature. Otherwise, these conditioners can damage the clothes. You must add it to the washing machine or the tub in which you are cleaning your clothes. 

Distilled vinegar 
Surprisingly vinegar is one of the best solutions for hard water. If you cannot find any long-term solution, simply pour a tablespoon of vinegar with the detergent. You should not pour it in the tub or the machine, the best way to do it would be pouring vinegar on the stains. It will not only remove the stain but will also change the composition of hard water. 

Use a filter 
Today you can easily buy an ion-changing filter. All you need to fix it with the tap, or kitchen faucet. It will not clear all the contaminants, but only a few. If you want advanced cleansing then you can also look for a better filter too.