With busy schedules and life commitments getting in the way, making time for that deeper connection in your relationship can be challenging. However, intimacy is an essential aspect in any couple at all levels, so bringing back that spark can help rebuild those connections. 

Allowing yourself to connect deeper also has benefits in other areas of life. Trust is a major factor in this. Building this is vital for creating strong relationships with your partner and other people. 

If you’re looking to increase the intimacy in your relationship, check out some easy ways to make changes. 

1. Touch more frequently

Touching someone is an intimate act in itself. The action of stroking, holding hands, and caressing can help a partner feel at ease and comforted. This action doesn’t have to lead to deeper intimacy either. However, it brings you closer together and sparks feelings of excitement and love. 

2. Make time for your sex life

It might sound odd to schedule sex into your routine, but it can help bring back a deeper level of intimacy. It can be challenging to make time for each other when life gets in the way, and sex often goes down the list of priorities. To change that, schedule time in that you can both relax and connect with each other. It doesn’t have to replicate the romantic scene of a blockbuster movie (although it can if you want!), but why not play some soothing music or light candles to help set the mood. You could also experiment with toys if you’re looking to ignite that spark. Check out examples of popular options at wetforher.com

3. Set up a date night

When you’ve been together a few years, date nights often feel less important. But in fact, they’re still as important as ever. This time outside of your everyday routine allows you to relax and be together without distractions. It’s a great time to chat about life and anything that takes your fancy. It’s also the perfect opportunity to reminisce. Looking back at what you’ve done together and how far you’ve come creates a real impact on your emotions. 

4. Show how much you care

Showing how much you appreciate someone doesn’t have to include showering them in gifts. The little things matter in any relationship so think about what they do and how you can show you care. A simple thank you is sometimes all it needs to communicate your feelings. Out of the blue appreciation is always the best!

5. Try something new together 

We all get stuck in routines, and this makes you feel comfortable and content. However, pushing the boundaries and trying something new creates excitement, which is excellent for the body and mind. In addition, when you try something different together, there is a greater connection, as it’s a first for the both of you. This, in turn, creates memories and provides a bond that you may never have shared before.