Wear Your Uniqueness

It’s cool to celebrate our uniqueness, but let’s face it, having an uncommon physical trait can be a challenge when interacting with the world outside, like going shopping. Say, for example, if you have a larger-than-average head size, chances are, the products available in the market don’t fit you right. And it can be frustrating to always be the one adjusting to the “norm” and squeezing your face into “normal-sized” sunglasses just so you can wear one that somehow serves its purpose, albeit uncomfortably.

Don’t Make Yourself Small Just to Fit the Mold

Quite literally so. You may be different and you may have had your share of “melon head” or “big dome” labels tied to you, but you have as much right to enjoy life’s comforts as everyone else. Good thing is, there are enterprising individuals out there who are responding precisely to your needs and putting an end to this disenfranchised chunk of the market. Any businessman who’s got a good head on his shoulders (pun intended) would recognize the demand for special products for beyond-average individuals. Products like extra large big head sunglasses aren’t normally found on the shelves despite having a huge demand.

Big in Form and Function

Something that’s beyond the usual in terms of size doesn’t have to look odd or less than fashionable. Being different doesn’t have to mean settling for less than what the regular folks get.

Mass Vision understands this well, and so it has created sunglasses specifically for people who have bigger-than-average size heads. These extra large sunglasses for big heads offer not just a comfortable fit but a host of other features as well. Mass Vision sunglasses frames use a modern acetate material that is crack-resistant, lightweight, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Each pair is equipped with polycarbonate polarized lenses that are impact-resistant and provide 100% UV protection.

These sunglasses don’t just fit right, they also offer unique ways to keep them from sliding off your face. Its anti-slip, soft silicone eyeglass ear grips effectively prevent your glasses from falling off your face during sports and other activities. Also, rather than sliding your retainer straps onto your temples, you can clip them into the hole designed for it for added security.

Gear Up For the Great Outdoors

Now you can enjoy outdoor adventures with sunglasses that you can wear sans discomfort. No more ill-fitting eyewear that limits your movements and activities.

These sunglasses give you the perfect snug fit as you go enjoy a more active lifestyle, be it driving, playing golf, cycling, running, or fishing. You can even go ahead and rough it up trekking, skiing, and hiking out there with this eye protection gear made just for you.

Amazing how one product can enhance your lifestyle from ordinary to extra, just as you are!

Live it Up

Embrace every bit of you, especially the parts that make you stand out from the crowd. Be true to your unique self with sunglasses that make a distinct statement and lets you face the world with your head held up high.