Having something made especially for us is the feeling almost out of this world. It is important we realize and must also try and give this feeling to other people like our friends, family and loved ones. Therefore, the more joy we spread the better this place becomes. There are many options to gift someone like clothes, bags, sneakers, etc. But jewelry is by far the most special kind of gift that we all love.  If you love it, check out the garnet necklace in Australia which has some amazing designs. Moving on, let us discuss some pendant ideas for your necklace that you can gift –

1. Expensive jewel – 
The best kind of pendant at times is the expensive sought-after stone having exceptional qualities. The shine, color, rarity, and price make that stone extremely special. If the budget for your gift is such then it is the perfect gift you can gift someone. The value it adds to the wardrobe and outfit is next level and almost elevates the person from the crowd. Everyone admires a beautiful jewel and sometimes it can also become the center of the topic discussed.

2. Customized names – 
Names are something that has been given to us by our parents that stay with us live long. Sometimes the greater identity than our physical appearance is our names. Therefore, gifting customized names as a pendant is a good idea that we know will be cherished for a long time. There are various designs in the market that you can choose from. Whether you want the font to be cursive or serif or sans serif elegant has a wide range you can choose from. Also choosing the color we recommend you go for something subtle yet slightly shiny so that it fits perfectly with the attire.

3. Engraved coordinates – 
We all have that special place somewhere on earth that means something to us in every possible way. May it be the first time you met someone or your favorite ice cream place or something that has a memory connected to that place. Moreover, getting the coordination engraved on a small cuboidal pendant and gifting it to the person is a nice idea. The coordination, when typed on the internet, will give the place and thus reveal that special memory of yours. Just one thing, you will have to find the right place where you can get it engraved.

4. Photo case – 
A small photo case in type of a pendant will make sure you have the other person’s photo with you at all times. This might be an old idea but even in today’s time, there are a lot of people who wear these types of pendants. Firstly, the small photo reminds me of the person. But more importantly, you take it with you wherever you go. make sure you search some of them online and we are sure you will find some options. Nowadays, the designs of the pendants have changed and people have started adopting much more minimal and sleek designs. Therefore choose the right one that goes with today’s lifestyle and fashion.