Many golfer's dream is to purchase a golf community real estate in Naples that overlooks a well-maintained open space. When considering a golf course property, you'll need answers to some questions.

Living in a golf community means you get to enjoy incredible perks like well-manicured surroundings, an excellent location for avid golfers, and a reduced chance of having bad neighbors. 

Purchasing a property in a golf course community is challenging. You'll have many questions to ask, seeing as you'd want to make the best decisions to ensure your investment doesn't go to waste.

To ensure you buy the right golf community real estate Naples, you'll need to ask some of the following questions:

Should I Own a House Close to the Course or Inside It?

Before 1995, golf communities had smaller corridors in each golf hole, meaning that the hole's width was narrower from each lot line. Presently, new golf courses have more room from lot lines to fairways, helping to keep errant golfers and golf balls away from people's golf course houses. 

Ask your real estate agent how long the golf course has been in existence. This should help you decide whether to live inside the course or close to it.

How Healthy Is the Golf Course Financially?

New golf course communities might struggle financially and depend on the community, impacting property values. Thus, you need to ask about the golf course management/ownership when doing your due diligence before choosing one of the gated golf communities in Naples, Florida. 

Does the Course Have Significant Vegetation or Is It More Open?

The weather can significantly affect the days the course is open yearly. For instance, a golf course with northern exposure and many vegetations and tall trees is possibly playable many weeks less each year than those more southerly or devoid of dense foliage.  

What Is the Golf Course Irrigation Water Source?

Through this question, you'll discover what the golf course will look like when there's drought or its appearance in severe drought. A golf course might have to close up due to somewhat unreliable or limited water sources.

Are There Any HOA Rules Against Adding Protective Barriers?

In some Naples luxury golf communities, there are some limitations to the type of installed or constructed protective barriers you can have that are both pleasing to the eye and functional.

You'll need to do research on the HOA architectural regulations when doing your due diligence.

What's the Distance From the House to the Tee?

According to statistics, most golfers play right-handed. The average male golfer's drive is 220 to 260 yards off the tee, including many sliced. Thus, the slide side is more likely to have errant shots than the hook side.  

It's better to live behind or near the tee than on the green sides or landing area. If you decide to stay on the green, consider living above the hole than below it due to gravity and elevation. 

However, mature trees on the flight line offer natural protection and hazards like water, long grasses between the fairway and property lot, and bunkers keep errant golfers and golf balls away.

How Much Will You Be Affected By Player Traffic and Course Maintenance Noise?

Before buying a golf community real estate in Naples, you'll need to ask about the property's proximity to the golf club maintenance building.

The farther the maintenance building, the lesser the noise from the equipment. If a golf course holds many tournaments, especially shotgun starts, there will be much noise from golfers and spectators. However, golfers' voices on the greens and tee boxes aren't as noisy as the maintenance equipment.

Where Is the Property Situated?

One crucial thing you'll need to pay adequate attention to while searching for a good Naples golf community is the location. It's vital to decide where to live. You can choose to stay outside the course to prevent getting errant balls in your yard and noise from golfers. 
Nobody enjoys getting balls in their lawn from golfers, so make sure you consider this factor before making any decision. On the other hand, living further away from the course is costlier than staying on the track.

The golf course's location is also important, seeing as it dictates the weather. Some destinations are too hot during summer, while some are too cold for players. While this may be a problem in some locations, it's not something you should worry about in Naples, seeing as Florida's sunshine is almost year-round.

Is the Course Protected?

When searching for the best golf communities in Naples, ask your realtor if the course is protected. From there, you might discover that the owner has a conservation easement or deed restriction that will ensure the land remains a course and nothing else.

On the other hand, you might discover that the owner of the golf course community you intend to buy a house may want to sell the land. Therefore, buying a property in such a community isn't advised, as your home will lose its value. 

What Are the HOA Rules?

Most golf course houses have strict HOA rules that all members must practice. These guidelines include how to maintain the property, and all homeowners must stick to them. That way, houses will be in pristine condition, and golfers on the course will always enjoy a fantastic view.

Some communities are more lenient with the use of low-speed and personal golf carts. It's advisable to make inquiries about the HOA requirements to be sure you won't have problems.

Suppose you discover the rules aren't something you can manage; consider looking for another property with less strict regulations.


Purchasing a golf community real estate in Naples is a challenging task and is a far cry from buying a home in the suburbs. You'll have to consider several things to ensure you get the best golf course home in a great community. 

Don't just jump on any golf course property your real estate agent shows you. Consider asking these questions to your realtor, and the answers you'll get will help you make an informed decision. Hence, you'll need to work with an experienced local agent with adequate knowledge of the many golf communities in Naples to help you get the best golf course home.