It's been a rough few years for the world, and we're all feeling it in different ways. One way to help you feel better is by getting back to what makes you happy. For many of us, crafting has always been a hobby that brings joy into our lives.

During this pandemic, some crafts can be done at home without contact with other people to make them even safer. The pandemic has given people a lot of time to spend at home. Arts and crafts are a growing trend because of idle time. Below are some arts and crafts activities great for adults who want to get back into crafting.

Knitting - Try your hand at knitting. You can start small and do coasters and placemats. You can use your scrap yarns to make a ball of yarn for more woolen goods like sweaters and scarves. As you develop your skills, you can tackle larger projects like furniture covers and blankets.

Painting: Painting is excellent, especially if you can find old canvases or cardboard boxes. You will need some paintbrushes, but they will help pass the time while indoors. However, it would help if you take caution in keeping your brushes clean because paint can carry spores. Try other media like oil, acrylic, and watercolor. You can also try your hand at crayons or oil pastels.

Beaded Jewelry Making: Impress your friends with this classic craft that has seen a resurgence in popularity. You can make anything from earrings to necklaces and more. Just be careful about making jewelry for other people. They might come back to haunt you later. Create beaded jewelry with wireframes or without. Make brooches, bracelets, chokers, or earrings.

Cross-Stitch: If you don't have enough room to make a quilt, cross-stitch is another way to show off your love of certain books or TV Shows. The time it takes to finish one piece makes the finished project worth it. You can download cross-stitch patterns of different skill levels. Create more extensive and more complex cross-stitch designs as your skills develop.

Embroidery: Another type of sewing that you can do for gifts and wall hangings, embroidery is not limited to embellishments. Remember, you're making something for someone, so pay attention to the details. There are different styles of embroidery you can try out, and the materials and equipment are all cheap.

Drawing - Drawing requires little space and essential equipment to begin. Some find drawing therapeutic, while others use it for various purposes like detailed schematics. You can draw using any medium like a pen, paper, watercolors, or even charcoal.

Draw portraits of your family, a favorite character, or a landscape that you see outside. Start with a doodle and progress to caricatures and more realistic renditions. Or you can keep working on your style of drawings. Draw whatever you fancy, and with whatever material that suits your taste.

Fabric Scrapbooking - This is similar to cross-stitch, but you use many types instead of using a single piece of fabric. It also uses pictures that are printed on fabric. The stakes are sewn together, and it creates a collage. Other material or cloth-based items you can make include coasters, hand towels, and hanging plant pots.

Paper Design and Crafting - This is an excellent way to use old magazines. By recycling unwanted paper, you can create flowers, cards, and even sculptures. Make sure that you don't use any pictures or words that might later cause an issue. Some paper crafting you should consider include cards, notebooks, book covers, and children's books. You can even print pictures and display them using pictures frames you created.

Tie-dye Everything - The age of the internet has created a massive market for self-expression. Tie-dye is an easy way to show that you are unique, but remember that if your shirt says something offensive or stupid, it will come back later. You don't need to go through the old method of tie-dying. You can tie-dye small items like napkins and scarfs without the need to make basins of dyes. There are tie-dye techniques for sharpies, watercolor, and acrylic.

Adult coloring books - This is another cheap way to show off your creativity. If you are artistic, it will be much easier for you than for someone who isn't. You can make it as straightforward or as complicated as you like. For the best results, keep a picture of what you are trying to achieve next to you.

There are patterns and books with different skill levels. You can do psychedelic 1970s inspired poster designs, mandalas, paisley, or geometric designs. There are also classical painting coloring books where you color in Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and others.

There are no rules for arts and crafts. There are only techniques and materials of different kinds, resulting in innumerable items you can use in the home or for decorative purposes. Don't worry that your work is not good enough for the refrigerator door. As long as you enjoy the process, keep working on your craft.