Even though nowadays the mass audience extremely favors visual entertainment like movies and video games, books do not lose their followers. Reading is a nice way to travel to different worlds and learn new information. It became especially easy with the tech progress: Audio and e-books multiplied the number of reading fans.

It may seem that picking a gift for a book lover is a breeze. You just buy them a brand new book or a rare edition of their favorite novel. These ideas are nice, but a true bookworm is actually quite hard to please. A book as a gift can be too simple and too obvious for them. 

To make a surprise, you should get creative. Check out this list of gift ideas for book lovers and choose the most suitable one.

1. A high-tech e-reader

With a modern rhythm of life, it can be hard to stay loyal to paper books. A great e-book reader allows people to access millions of texts without cluttering the shelves: Everything is digital. A whole library inside of a notebook-sized gadget. Besides, e-readers are eco-friendly, so it’s possible to reduce the impact on the planet.

For a first-time e-reader owner, something like an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with its bright display will be just fine. If your book-loving friend wants to upgrade their hardware, an aluminum-body Kindle Oasis will be a perfect gift.

2. A scratch-off poster

It’s an entertaining way to update the reading list and see the achievements for any book lover. A poster consists of a table with silver or golden squares that, once scratched off, display small pictures related to the mentioned titles. Also, a poster with a list of books to read will be a nice addition to the interior decor. 

There are plenty of poster versions that include all kinds of classic and modern literature, from Pride and Prejudice to Lord of the Rings, so you should find the one that will be suitable for the presentee.

3. A rechargeable book light

Anyone who has ever tried to read before going to sleep while the other person in the room is already in bed will like such a present. It may seem a bit outdated but it’s a really necessary device. Especially if the light is rechargeable and portable: You can easily move around the house with a book or spend the travel time reading.

When choosing a book light, look for something small-sized with a flexible arm and several brightness modes. These characteristics will make it easier for a person to take the light and personalize the settings.

4. Cozy pillows

There are plenty of readers who like to cover themselves in something soft and fluffy while reading their favorite book. A set of pillows is the best way to organize such a spot. Just throw them on a sofa, pick a book to read, add some aroma candles—and the perfect atmosphere is ready.

You can opt for pillows with book covers, quotes, or some random book statements and accompany them with a blanket. Another good and healthy choice is a pillow filled with memory foam. To maximize creativity, you can present the giftee with a full-size human pillow with their favorite book character.

5. A water-proof bathtub tray

Reading in a bathtub seems like an unbelievable luxury. It’s hard to enjoy the book when you are constantly thinking about how not to get water on pages and not to drop the book at all. A wooden tray for the bathtub can save the day here. It has an adjustable length and provides you with a steady base for a book, smartphone, or tablet. Besides, you can put some snacks or a glass of wine on it to perfect your time in the bath.

6. A page holder

Let’s imagine the situation: You are in your bed reading a book and holding it with both hands. Here comes the time to turn the page. Do you remember how uncomfortable it is to change hands and hold the book to finally get to the next page? While most of the time the book is lying on the table, it becomes really inconvenient to hold it without any support.

A nice page holder is the best solution for this problem. It frees either one or both hands so you can turn pages or perform other tasks at the same time without any effort. Your book-loving friend will appreciate it a lot.

7. Beautiful bookmarks

Bookmarks are more essential than you can imagine. While the e-readers’ users may not bother themselves with getting bookmarks, those who prefer paper books love them. Instead of using whatever they can find from stickers to photos, they will have a dedicated tool for marking the page they need.

Depending on what your friend, family member, or significant other likes, you can choose something serious like heavy leather bookmarks or something funny like magnet bookmarks with a cute design.

To sum it all up

Even though the film industry has reached its peak popularity, people still buy and read books. It doesn’t matter if it’s a printed book or an audio version. It doesn’t matter if you read it on a subway train or in your bed around warm and soft pillows. Books are loved, and with the help of the above-mentioned gifts, the reading experience will become an absolute perfection.