Selling your music as an artiste not only involves song releases, but also creating a fun experience to connect with fans. While setting up your concert, you do not only want to give them an experience of a lifetime but for them to have zero hassles trying to secure access to the event. 

This is why it's important you ensure that they can purchase tickets for concerts without stress. Whether you decide on a physical, hybrid or virtual concert, here's a guide to creating an optimum tickets for concerts

Starting ticket sales

To kick off ticket sales, you may start as soon as you announce your event. This is to help your fans pre-order their tickets and secure their spots on time. 

Tickets: how and what to offer

Based on the kind of experience you want to create; you may want to offer different tickets for concerts types. With a platform like Show4me, this will be a cakewalk as you can easily do this with your artiste profile set up. 

In as much as creating a maximum experience for fans is a goal, making profit from ticket sales shouldn't be sidelined. If you're not sure how much your tickets should cost, check out our formula here

Ticketing platforms: What to look out for

Fans may know you're putting together a live event, but how do they get access? Selecting the right ticketing platform is important. Here's what to look out for when searching for a ticketing platform:

A secured website 

Tickets for concerts sales can spike an increase in website traffic, especially during hours preceding the final day of ticket sale or when special offers are being made. What you want to look out for is a platform with secured network to withstand such traffic. 

Easy user experience and navigation 

Navigating your way around the platform should not be a difficult task if the interface is user-friendly. Some are specifically designed for users to have easy access and create their own ticket types. You can pay attention to easy navigation when you want to carry our tasks such as setting up your profile, designing ticket types for your audience amongst other things. 

Flexible tools

Different websites offer various data analytics tools to help artistes track ticket sales. A pointer to a good ticketing platform is the availability of tools such as refund options, access to merchant accounts for ease of payment, ability to share from the platform to your social media, booking timer for countdown to the event and even confirmation messages to know the right number of people to anticipate at your event. 

Swift artiste /customer support 

Great customer support should be offered by the ticketing platform you want to select. In the event that there's an obstacle of any sort, the platform should be able to provide swift and efficient solutions. One way to check this is to consider their review or feedback page where present. You may also take a look at their FAQs to know who to reach out to if the need arises. 

With Show4me, you can create your own music brand, set up your concert and help your fans have a problem-free ticket purchasing experience with our amazing team of efficient professionals on hand to assist.