Duncan Stevens has actually carved out rather a specific niche for himself in the entertainment and motivational speech market. Having begun life as an Officer in the UK Royal Navy and also a senior executive for some of the best-recognized brand names in the UK, he has actually since taken place to be both a highly sought-after close-up illusionist and after dinner entertainer in addition to an inspirational speaker.

For some people it may look like he has actually come to be an overnight success however come to be a very successful writer and being the CEO of several six-figure organizations does not take place overnight.

For the past 15 years, Duncan has been performing as a close-up magician in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Lincoln, London and internationally. His abilities range from typical close-up magic to more mind-reading based magic all underpinned by the subtle art of influence as well as persuasion.

Duncan doesn't simply dazzle people with his close up magic yet he is additionally consummate after dinner magician and also performs an amazing after-dinner cabaret program that integrates influence and also persuasion. This is usually about 45 minutes in size and he has actually toured his show around the globe.

It was Duncan's love of performing his influence and persuasion program and the boosting need for him to share his tricks and also strategies with corporate clients that triggered him to deliver some keynote speeches. Along with performing his show Duncan also started the Influence Organization to aid firms with their influence messaging and also use a series of influence as well as persuasion-based services.

One of the most preferred services was his covert staff member option where he or his group would certainly get in organisations undercover to determine what was working, what was not functioning and also what could be surpassed. Typically, the group, as well as leaders, were doing wonderful work yet were just not getting the results they desired or was worthy of.

After analysing these results as well as couple with Duncan's understanding of influence, persuasion and efficiency, Duncan then applied the concepts of persuasion to provide activities for the companies and also individuals to utilize.
For some firms, they wished to retain Duncan's solutions on a much more regular basis therefore his influence masterclasses were born, which after that morphed into leadership masterclasses.

Each of these masterclasses or workshops had actually restricted numbers so Duncan was welcomed to numerous conferences as a keynote presenter to provide his content-rich presentations to much larger audiences. The more he supplied his motivational keynote speeches the more Duncan saw that people wanted easy to use approaches. After numerous years of performing, talking and also immersing himself in the art of influence and persuasion, Duncan produced his Efficient Influence Model. This is a distilled down version of his understanding as well as provided in a clear concise as well as and entertaining model with high actionable factors. The tiny points have actually helped brand names, firms, teams and also leaders go from being excellent to terrific to outstanding.

Now a permanent motivational speaker and also keynote speaker, Duncan is just one of the world's leading specialists on influence and also persuasion and is utilized worldwide as a sales train, management trainer and presenter. His job has actually assisted move the performance needle for several leaders as well as companies to give them the side.

He still performs his mentalist Influence as well as Persuasion program and likes absolutely nothing more than to see firms and also people expand using his techniques and also strategies. In early June, he got too hot seller status with the release of his Reliable Influence publication which has taken place to offer hundreds of thousands around the world. His approaches, tips as well as techniques in influence, persuasion and performance continue to expand as well as has continued to be one of the globes most sought-after keynote speakers, sales presenters, management presenters and also motivational presenters. To find out more you can see his Duncan Stevens speaker site or Duncan William magic and mind-reading website.