Sitting ergonomically on your desk can be challenging since you might need to lower or raise your chair to allow your arms to reach the table and your feet flat on the floor. However, to attain this, your feet might hang above the ground and you need a foot platform for support.

When buying a footrest, consider the type that meets your needs and matches the elegance of your office. To help you choose from the many options, you can use the tips below.

Consider the Type

Padded footrests are made from memory foam or high-density foam to give a plush, comfortable and soft experience. They have removable covers that you can easily clean and are inverted to help relax as rocking footrests. Velvet footrests encourage active sitting by boosting your blood circulation through strengthening your foot and leg muscles. They enable movements that help operate smoothly and stay focused.

The massaging foot platforms have textured surfaces to offer gentle massage to your feet when you place feet on them. Also, you can find hammock-style platforms for traveling with an easy and compact shape.

Consider the Size, Comfort, and Color

When buying a foot platform, consider the surface area and height. The right height is critical as it should match your height. Generally, they have a height between 2 to 5 inches with some models allow adjustments according to height. Additionally, foot platform areas need to be large to allow support of your feet in a neutral position. The area can be approximately 11 inches to accommodate most people.

Since you might spend many hours in the office, you need a footrest that provides maximum comfort to relax your body. It also helps blood to flow to reduce the risk of illnesses. High-quality footrests are also made from non-toxic materials that keep your foot healthy and safe even when you remove shoes. In addition, consider the practicality and tone of your footrest before purchase. The color needs to blend with the office furniture and match the wall color.

Consider Flexibility and Type of Material

It is best to consider an adjustable footrest to ensure your ankle joint is neutrally placed for optimal comfort when sitting. Also, they should be easy to move and clean. Some contain movable or fixed angle adjustments to allow a user to have a neutral position on the ankle joint for optimal comfort, while others provide a rolling function on the footpad that allows you to rock your feet to increase blood circulation and promote movement.

When choosing the material, you find most footrests with hard plastic on the footpad, and some offer ribbed footbeds to massage to your feet when in use. When in the work environment with dirty shoes involved, you need a high-rise design with a heavily carpeted footpad that grips your shoes to a footrest.

In the market, there are many brands and types of footrests. To choose, you can compare the size, design, and flexibility of the platform. When you have pain in your joints or legs from sitting, you can use the Everlasting Comfort foot platform made from pure memory foam with an orthopedic design to support your feet.