Crocodile Dundee is a man of a man (more masculine than most men). From the outback of Australia, Mr. Dundee carried a big Bowie knife. Bowie knife has always been considered the standard for combat blades, and Crocodile Dundee seems to be able to swing one effortlessly. The Dundee knife is made by Australian gunsmith John Bowring. The studio that made the Crocodile Dundee movie approached him and asked him to make an original knife for the Dundee character. Bowring agreed and produced the famous Dundee knife.

In the 1980s, actor Paul Hogan played an Australian character named Mick "Crocodile" Dundee. He was a bushman and fell in love with a woman from New York. In the film, Crocodile Dundee said a famous movie line: "That's not a knife. This is a knife”. Dundee refers to the big knife he usually carries with him. When he said this, he was facing a group of hoodlums with knives. The knife used by the Crocodile Dundee, known as the “Bowie knife". This knife is the original Crocodile Dundee knife, and Paul Hogan wears it on his hip for most of the movie.

The Bowie knife looks like a short sword. The blade on his knife is 6 to 10 inches long and at least 2 inches wide. All Bowie knives have a brass guard to distract the attacker's blow. Bowie is a knife that can be used as a survival weapon when you are out camping or hunting. It is designed for self-defense and is widely used by hunters for slaughter activities. The curved top clip bevel of the blade, after being properly sharpened, can be used to remove the skin of the carcass, while the straight part of the blade edge (toward the guard) can be used to cut meat. If you like to collect different types of knives, then a Bowie knife is a must-have.

The blade on the knife is made of stainless steel, which is very durable in water. These knives are heavy, can cut branches, and are suitable for hunting. This knife can be used as a long spear and used in situations where objects need to be tied up. Sparks and animal skinning are two other benefits that this type of blade offers owners.

Although you can't get the original Crocodile Dundee knife. When making the knives needed for the movie, Bowring only designed two original models and some replicas. The close-up shots in the movie used the original knife, while the combat scene showed replicas. After the production of the film, Paul Hogan and another character received the original knife. However, they promised never to sell them to anyone. Hogan kept his promise. So now, the real Bowie Knife is with the hero who plays the role of Crocodile Dundee. Therefore, you can have a knife that looks similar and performs correspondingly but can get the look-alike Crocodile Dundee knife from eSaleKnives.

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