As you sleep, many individuals place a pillow between their knees for extra support. This is especially true for side sleepers since they often require a pillow for utmost spinal alignment and pregnant women experiencing back pain. Pillows can also offer a cushioning buffer that stops knee joints from patting together, which can cause distress and aches for some. 

For some sleepers, sandwiching any pillow between their knees offers adequate support and comfort. Nonetheless, a specialty knee pillow for back pain designed to match the natural curves of the sleeper’s body is likely to be most effective. Many knee pillows are either wedge-shaped or hourglass-shaped. Most specialty knee pillows on sale today are made from foam. Ensure you click here for more about the pillow designs and alternatives for sleepers.


The hourglass knee cushion is meant for side sleepers and is primarily a chunk of foam with the two surfaces sliced out in a semi-circular or half-moon shape. Respected brands like make a greater part of such knee partitions with foam, ensuring they match the shape of every knee. This offers a comfortable pillow that divides the knees, offering them comfort while you snooze. This category of knee separator also lifts the top leg, promoting the right shape of your backbone while you sleep. Also, they can be utilized to take your legs apart or by back sleepers utilizing only one shaped side to support only one leg if they experience pain on one knee.


The half-moon-shaped cushion is a kind of wedge cushion that appears like a roll of pillow portioned in two along its length to make cushions with one semi-circular rounded side and one flat side. The flat surface rests on the bed as your leg relaxes on the round side. This sort of knee support cushion can be utilized to elevate knees off the bed or amid your legs to detach them. This sort of knee support cushion is useful for people who find it hard to sleep on their side, even if sleeping on your back will probably worsen the state. This knee cushion for back pain helps with lower back pain when you put a semicircle-moon cushion under your lower back. If utilized between the legs, it’s imperative to use a tie to keep the cushion attached to your legs. You can peruse sites like to view such pillows.

Wedge pillows

The half-moon-shaped cushion is a kind of wedge cushion. Generally, there are three more types of wedge pillows to help alleviate back pain. With these, you can sleep or read with a raised back. In case you think one of these could help your back pain, click here on websites that review the three wedge-shaped cushions. In people with particular types of back pain, these pillows can offer an adequate incline to stack the vertebrae and hips in the right spinal alignment. Typically, individuals experiencing upper back pain gain more from a wedge cushion than those having lower back pain.