Getting bored with your style? Why not try something different and bold? Experimenting with different styles can be such an interesting and healing moment. It’s a fact that some people use shopping as therapy, and seemingly so buying something nice for ourselves always makes us feel a bit happier.

If you’re thinking about changing your style and want to add more bling to it, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways you can boost up your look.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Style with pearls
What better way to accessorize than using beautiful pearl jewelry sets? For women who want to stay classy, this is the perfect choice to change up their look. Unique Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater, or South Sea pearls, whatever you choose, you’ll never go wrong. These are exquisite pieces of jewelry that never go out of style.

Combine short or long necklaces with elegant earrings to complement your look. These pearl jewelry sets go well with any outfit since they’re timeless and perfect for any occasion. From casual outings to formal events, pearl sets blend in well with different outfit styles, as long as you know how to mix them well.

Beauty treatment
If you’re opting for simple bling and don’t want to experiment with jewelry, you can try beauty treatments like laser hair removal and a sparkling tan. The full body laser hair removal technique has been very popular as a permanent solution to managing unwanted hair from the body and face. This will not only make your skin smooth but will also give a little glow.
If you want to complete your look and have glowing skin, you can also try tanning oils which will give your skin a nice color and sparkle. There are many beauty treatments and cosmetics that can make you feel like you have diamonds all over. Remember, treating yourself is always a great idea!

Add a wristwatch to your jewelry set
If you’re going for simple jewelry, adding an elegant wristwatch will deliver just what you want. Women usually like to complement their look with a simple silver or gold watch. Watches are great pieces that elevate even the simplest t-shirt-and-jeans ensemble. So, if you decide to treat yourself to something a little bit more flashy and elegant then sparkling watches are the perfect thing for you.

Even smartwatches, which are very popular nowadays, can be customized to give a little bling to them. Watches have always been the simplest yet perfect statement finishing touches to any outfit. Although a small accessory, they can be for any occasion and have the power to make you look noticeable when walking into a room.

Style with a bold handbag
If you want to add a touch of color to your wardrobe, you can go for a bold colored handbag which is an excellent go-to for any outfit. Go for combinations that are popular and don’t hesitate to experiment with your style. Although low-key and traditional handbags are always a good idea for any combination, the same goes for bold, upbeat handbags. Blending a unique handbag to a simple outfit style can be just what you’re looking for.

Opt for more bright colors and non-traditional material, and even add a little decorative effect to it. If you’re not big on experimenting with your outfit and jewelry style then go ahead and treat yourself to a modern and vibrant handbag. The same as shoes, handbags are an excellent choice to elevate your outfit choice any time of the day, and for any event.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Have you ever thought of adding bling to your shoe collection? If not, why not try fun pieces of footwear that will make you stand out, and ultimately uplift your style. Some people like using sparkling shoes for weddings and special events, but you can also blend them with your outfit for a night out with friends, or a special date. Even combining them with simple jeans can be quite an appealing look.

Shoes with studs are popular to this day because of their unique and bold appearance. These are popular not only for women but men as well. And the best part is they don’t necessarily have to be high heels. You can opt for strapped flats with an excellent design that will look even better than high heels. Note that everyone will like elegant flats as long as they’re comfortable.

Let your nails shine
The perfect choice for today’s biggest trend – shining nail designs. Sometimes, the best way to add a little decoration to your style is by sporting a fresh, bold manicure. These days, manicurists have the skills to turn your nails into a work of art, whether it’s a plain matte shade or a bold pattern. This is the perfect last-minute addition to achieve a swoon-worthy look.
You can browse on Instagram for interesting trends like the recent Korean nail art trend. It has been blowing up on social media, offering a captivating collection of nail aesthetics that’s impossible to look away from. From Aurora nails to the shattered-glass nail phenomenon, the trends never stop evolving. It will be a great addition to your look if you can just add some nail art.

Final thoughts
Pampering yourself with a little bling can feel like a therapy session sometimes. If you’ve thought about changing up your style a couple of times now and still haven’t decided on what to change, we hope the above tips can give you a boost. And remember, never hesitate to experiment with your style choices and try a new trend at least once.