God is in the details and one of the most intricate details of your big day is choosing the perfect garland. With all the wedding planning havoc, we forget how important this little detail can be, not to forget wedding garland is one accessory that is part of almost all the wedding pictures. 

Exchanging garlands are an auspicious part of an Indian wedding; it is then that the wedding is considered whole. It usually means that the bride and groom have accepted each other in holy matrimony. Earlier the garlands were made with flowers, but with changing times even this detail has evolved. But floral garlands are quickly coming back to trend, as they say, life’s a circle.

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In most of the weddings, utmost care is taken in arranging everything from the welcome hall to the dining hall. The dress of the bridegroom sparkles in line with that of the wedding decorations in the venue.

Though so much of the decorations involved in a wedding, finally the garland required is one. But just one garland makes a whole lot of difference in one's marriage. Hence, today's trend in wedding garlands is the availability of numerous design options, like Garlands made from orchid and coronation flowers. 

Previously Brides used to hold on to garlands more their own weight. Today it's exactly the opposite, they are demanding garlands of sleek design and light colors.

Engagement or wedding or reception, today couples are demanding garlands to match the color and design of their wedding dress. Earlier, garland vendors found it very difficult to get the right flowers (flowers matching the colors of the couple's wedding dress). But now, with the advent of technology in the wedding industry, a color spray system is used to make requisite changes in colors of flowers used in garlands.

Earlier, selecting or choosing garlands at a wedding was given the least priority by the couple. But today, immediately after getting engagement, coupes are rushing to the garland vendors and selecting the flowers and are ready to put up a fight to get the right color. They say “we cannot compromise on the color”

As times change and wedding trends evolve, floral trends also evolve with them. So, here’s our pick of trending floral wedding garland designs for this wedding season!

The true essence of Indian weddings is the traditional rituals that take place during the wedding. Hindu weddings typically start with the Varmala or Jaimala ceremony, where the bride and groom meet on the wedding day and exchange garlands. The exchange is considered as their acceptance for each other and their forthcoming nuptials. Hence, it is one of the most important rituals in Indian weddings. The garland made of flowers represents beauty and purity in its most natural form.

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The bride and groom wear wedding garlands throughout the wedding ceremony. Hence, choosing the best garland makes sense as it will be seen in almost all your wedding pictures. Traditionally, they are made of roses, jasmine, and marigolds. But recently florists have experimented with all sorts of flowers and fancy accessories to raise the glam quotient.

Marigold Garlands:

Marigolds are, beyond doubt, the telltale of an Indian wedding. They come with slight variations in shades of yellow and orange and their thick clusters add festivity and cheer to any event decoration. Considered sacred, marigolds are a part of most customs and poojas. Auspicious celebrations would be incomplete with them. Entrenched in cultural and religious beliefs, marigold garlands are still the most frequently used in weddings.

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Rose Garlands:

Combined with pearls, crystals, and other monochromatic or transparent trinkets, rose garlands are a common favorite with their pleasant, intoxicating fragrance and several colors to choose from. A rose petals garland is another variant that makes for lighter, different looking garlands by pairing individual petals stacked together and interspersed with other flowers. The traditional symbol of romance, roses can also be combined with buds and other greens and made to match the bridal lehenga/wedding dress.

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Jasmine Garlands:

The mildly fragrant jasmine garland is soothing to the senses and loved by those who prefer to keep it subtle and understated and are only looking to slightly accentuate the outfit or avoid donning the heavier varmala for the entire wedding function. Jasmine flowers or buds or both are usually paired with some kind of leaves or another brightly colored flower like the rose to avoid it from looking lacklustre.

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Orchid Garlands:

The exotic and slightly expensive option, an orchid garland will up your glamor quotient instantly. Orchids are lightweight and available in a number of luxuriantly bright, burnished colors. They are easier to carry around and can also work to jazz up a somber or plainly-colored outfit.

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Carnation Garlands:

Colorful yet subtle, carnations can be clubbed together in various arrangements for an elegant-looking, utterly gorgeous wedding garland. Go for an ombre pattern to make things interesting.

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Lotus Garlands:

Lotus symbolizes honor and purity of heart and mind. Even though its roots are deep inside muddy water, the plant rises above it to bloom one of the most beautiful flowers. And what can be better starting an important phase of your with lotus wedding garlands?

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Pastel-Colored Garlands:

If you find bright and vibrant wedding garlands too repetitive then consider something in sober shades. Pastel-colored wedding garlands are an ideal option especially for a destination wedding, where the venue is quite serene or if your wedding attire is a pastel shade. It will complement the background and look amazing in your wedding pictures.

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Fluorescent Garlands:

Imagine you go through your wedding pictures after a few years and still find the pictures still look bright and eye-catchy. Well, you opt for a wedding garland in a fluorescent color this scenario is quite possible. Yes, a garland in a fluorescent color indeed makes the wedding attire look bright. Not many couples would consider it but it looks very different and stands out.

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Basil Garlands:

Basil or tulsi leaves are considered very sacred in the Hindu religion. Benefits of having tulsi at home in infinite. Though basil garlands look simple, they provide a different charm altogether. Also, it looks very traditional and authentic with the wedding attire. So if you are looking for something unique yet traditional, then basil leaves garlands will match your preference.

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All White Garlands:

A wedding garland in white color can never go wrong. The color itself is so pure and alluring that it makes one look beautiful and serene. Also, it symbolizes the purity of the bride and groom’s relationship.

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Colorful Garlands:

Don’t want a white wedding garland but not sure which color wedding garland to opt for? Well, here’s an option – go for all of them. Wedding garlands in different colors threaded together make for a magnificent piece of art. Additionally, the color combination in such garlands is done very adeptly. As a result, they look very fine and fascinating. Also, the couple can choose the colors and flowers.

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Artificial Flower Garlands:

Many couples fancy treasuring their wedding garlands. But this is not feasible with the real flower garlands. Hence, for this very reason, there are couples for wedding garlands made of artificial flowers rather than the real ones. Given the skills and creativity of designers, these garlands look exactly like those of real flower garlands. Likewise, artificial flower garlands are very light-weight and are very easy to carry along with your already heavy wedding dress and jewelry. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about it withering towards the end of the day or spoiling your expensive dress with stains.

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Bejeweled Garlands:

Beautifully embedded pearls and Kundan wedding garland look grand in every way. Moving away from the traditional garlands, these garlands are quite popular recently. Roses or carnations can be used intermittently in these types of garlands. Also, opting for such garlands leaves a lot of scope for customization. You can choose the jewels that compliment your wedding jewelry for an exquisite look.

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Thai Flower Garland:

Thai flowers are very well known around the world for their elegance. Other than its appealing appearance, these flowers symbolize respect and good health for your loved ones. Further, when these flowers are paired with other decors such as ribbons etc. it makes a beautiful wedding garland.

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Garlands Threaded Differently:

Mostly wedding garlands for the bride and groom tend to be the same. But you don’t have to restrict to that norm anymore. Garlands threaded in a reverse color combination is undoubtedly one of the latest trends in wedding garlands. The unusual way in which these garlands are threaded is outstanding. So why not pick up something unusual for your wedding and make a celebrity statement.

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While we were showered with so many celebrity weddings (you know from Neha Dhupia to #deepveer & now #nickyanka) in the last two years we also spotted the trend of crescent jewelry necklaces & bridal lehenga with ultraviolet hues!

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Here are some unique & very pretty options of jaimalas to pick on your wedding day! Making your wedding pictures pop up, we handpicked cute paper origami garlands to GORG bunch of roses jaimala for the most special day of life. So, bookmark them cos you are sure to love them all! 

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