The way we do business has changed and evolved over the last ten years or so. We have reconsidered our position on jobs, marketing, and workspace. We have all realized that our perceptions of how to be productive and profitable are all open to interpretation. What works for one company will not necessarily work for another. You must keep an open mind for what will work for your business and take it from there. If you’ve been thinking about moving into a coworking space, here are five reasons for you to do just that:

1. Network Opportunities
Coworking spaces provide start-up businesses and independent contractors with a space to get work done without having to shell over thousands of dollars first. This largely unknown concept was founded around ten years ago and provided smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with a place to network amongst their industry peers and become better coaches and mentors to their employees.

2. Shared Costs
Renting an office is expensive, it is also never just the one cost. There are multiple extra costs that your small business will have to contend with including, utilities, insurance, and Wi-Fi charges. Most co-working spaces come equipped with many added perks at one flat monthly rate. They also have plugs and ports for you to use any of your equipment, like portable scanners and printers.

3. Remote Access
In terms of layout, coworking environments are usually open-plan, large spaces free from all things cubicle-shaped. From expansive collaboration areas to huge lounges and glass-walled offices, coworking places are an option for any kind of work style preference. If you prefer to keep your head down and carry on in your private bubble, you can do so, but you could also be part of a large collaboration of teamwork. Coworking environments may seem like poorly put together places where unprofessional youngsters hang out, but they are usually quite the opposite. You would be surprised by their level of style and business-sophistication.

4. Increased Connection
By choosing to move from your home office into a coworking space, you will broaden your horizons by forming working relationships and connections by surrounding yourself with a network of professionals. This helps to reduce the painful isolation that can come with working from home. Studies have shown that the seemingly insignificant encounters we have during a normal working day, like greeting the mailman, or a short exchange with the barista at your favorite coffee place, can drastically improve our overall happiness. These small interactions are the backbone of coworking communities and can help you to get inspired and stay motivated at work.

5. Flexibility
Most coworking environments offer flexible agreements when it comes to rentals. This means that if for whatever reason you need to cancel your membership, you usually can without facing the same intense penalties that you would with a traditional rental agreement. This means that you can try it out, and if for some strange reason you do not like it, there are no strings attached. This makes coworking spaces the perfect office solution for freelancers.